Ok, so the SuperBowl is over, and there are a new set of commercials to judge and discuss. Since a 30 second spot during the game costs anywhere between $2.5 to $3 million, advertisers need to bring their “A” game for this once/year event.  The thing I don’t like about SuperBowl ads are that the big budget corporations dominate the space so the rich tend to get richer.

Here’s an idea: have a contest where some lucky small business gets a 30 second spot “sponsored” by the network airing the game. It would present a fabulous opportunity for us little guys and inject some new blood into the mix as well. Probably won’t happen, but it never hurts to toss the idea out there, right?

Which ones did you like best and least? Post your comments below the video.


In my completely informal poll (conducted via Twitter, Facebook and text message), the early winners seem to be:

1. Snickers (featuring Betty Davis)

2. Budweiser (no shock–they always bring it for the SuperBowl)

3. Dorritos – all were well received in my “straw poll”

4. Hyundai (like him or not, the play on Brett Favre in 10 years was great)

5. eTrade (the “Milk-aholic” line was classic!)


1. Diamond Foods (Pop Secret & Emerald Nuts) “Let’s Get Aquatic” with people as dolphins (seems as though the message wasn’t clear)

2. Charles Barkley’s Taco Bell spots (I love Barkley, but I didn’t care much for the commercials either)

3. GoDaddy (I disagree but it seems as though some of my “constituents” don’t like their ad campaigns; as competitive as the online world is today, you have to do something to stand out especially for something as mundane as domain registration)

Go ahead, share your thoughts!

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