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Easy List Building Video

I just uploaded a video on easy list building to go along with the free eBook “Endless Lead Generation.” Watch the video below:

There is also an accompanying report to go with this video entitled “Easy List Building” that is embedded below:

Easy List Building

Business Resources Cash Map

One of the most important considerations of running a successful and profitable online business involves resources.  By resources, I am referring to the suite of online resources that you use in your business on a daily basis.  Regardless of whether you are an internet marketer or online entrepreneur focusing on another niche, it is vitally important that you document the most common online resources that you use in your business.

There are three (3) main reasons why it is important to know, document, and utilize an electronic Rolodex of online resources.

1)  Save time – The first and largest factor of utilizing an online Rolodex of resources is to save time.  How many times have you looked to add a script to your website only to have to waste 30 minutes searching for the script?  When you cannot find a resource at the appropriate time, you are subjecting yourself and your business to inefficiencies that lead to lost production.

2)  Save money – When you know where to find your resources it will keep you from “Googling” to find a resource and from getting hooked on someone’s sales page.  About the time that you need a specific resource and cannot find it, the next obvious step is to search Google for that or a similar resource.  Just record your resource links to avoid this time wasting and money spending activity! It takes a little time, and I struggle with documenting because of that, but I honestly know better.

3)  Improved products – It takes time and money to buy resources.  When you’ve purchased something once……don’t waste time looking for alternatives or waste money purchasing competitor’s products.  Focus on the resources that you do have – use them daily and become an expert in the application of those resources.  Over time, your products will improve due to the consistency of use and of the resources that you use to complete daily tasks!

Overall, it is important to record your online resources for quick and efficient reference.  By doing so, you’ll improve business efficiencies leading to saved time and money!

What’s the point of all of this? I have literally stumbled across a resource that has attempted to do a few of these things for us.  It’s call CashMaps, and I was turned onto it by Rich Schefren who has partnered with the creators to help promote their wares in addition to trying to help businesses grow at a rapid rate.  If you haven’t checked out Rich’s latest report, The Uncertainty Syndrome, you owe it to yourself to download it (it’s free!)

I have purchased two of Rich’s home study products (The Business Acceleration Program and The Maven Home Study Program) and have learned a LOT from everything he’s produced.  More on that in another post down the road, but go get some great free stuff in the meantime as the links I’ve shared today take you to free resources that you can learn from immediately.

Maximizing Success–Day 1 Report

Thanks to Debbie Allen‘s “shameless promotion” on my radio show last Thursday, I’ve had the privilege to attend her “Maximizing Success” seminar in Sedona, Arizona this weekend. The seminar runs three days (Friday-Sunday, November 9-11), but I’m leaving after Saturday’s session to return home to attend to some loose business ends.

First off, Arizona, as a whole, is beautiful! I had a trip out here slated to happen next year, but I guess the law of attraction is working its magic already. Those that know me fairly well know that I intend to live out here someday down the road. That or have a winter home in Scottsdale.

Anyway, here’s a recap of the first day of the seminar and some of the topics covered.

The seminar kicked off Friday morning with Dave Dee talking about “how to keep your phone ringing off the hook with hot leads.” The main crux of his story centered on a client (beautiful single mother named Alexis) that made $117k on one teleseminar call and how those in attendance could do the same. He talked about marrying offline and online marketing and how many of the top online marketers are also doing a lot offline even though they don’t tend to talk too much about that aspect. E-mail marketing is still effective although not as effective as it used to be–the key is to inject some of your own personality into the message.

Next up in the seminar was Joel Christopher who talked about “how to triple your online list and increase your profits in 99 days or less.” Joel is a super nice guy, and you could pick this up immediately during his presentation. A lot of SEO was touched upon throughout his presentation, and that made me feel validated that what we’re doing at SMB Consulting is high quality. Most of the recognized “gurus” preach many of the same things we’re doing.

My rhetorical question to myself after Joel and Dave’s presentations was “why am I not up there telling people how to do many of these same things?” So look for some of that in upcoming weeks–it’s time to get out there and kick some knowledge around.

Next up was Bill Walsh, not the deceased former football coach, and he really had a high quality presentation. Bill is a genuinely good guy who ended up buying us dinner later in the evening, but I digress. He imparted that we must have belief in our vision when nobody else does–how true! He also talked about the importance of having high quality materials for marketing (including suggesting visiting “Always map out tomorrow, today” was one of Bill’s quotes and part of what he deems the “daily method of operation” or your DMO. Some other things Bill talked about (and I’m purposely being as brief as possible) included social networking, SEO, media relations, marketing plans, magazine ads (visit, and ask for the REM slots when trying to find low budget television and radio advertising spots.

Bill also talked about investing in your mind with daily positive content; starting a mastermind group (something I’m planning to do upon returning from Sedona); read books; attend workshops (if for no other reason, like minded people will be there). Also–surround yourself with successful people; always strive to provide 10X the value; perception is projection; auto-pay your favorite charity.

To wrap up the day, 14 time (something crazy like that) bestselling author Barbara DeAngelis spoke to the group. This was one of the most powerful speeches of the day, and it really seemed to move a lot of people within the group including me.

Admitted pigheaded stance pre-speech: I had to remind myself to open my mind because I was prejudging Barbara based on her “Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus” work with Dr. Gray because their relationship didn’t workout so it always seemed rather hypocritical even though that’s a dumb and narrow view on things. The advice and how to apply it matters more than the source, and I got over my stupidity very quickly into her talk.

Barbara is a dynamic speaker that has a message that will truly impact you if your mind is open and in the right place. She talked about how “the time is now,” and we’re seizing it. Many of the group has been experiencing what she calls “divine discomfort” where you know you’re supposed to be doing more, but you’re not quite sure what it is. Or maybe you have internally realized what it is you’re supposed to be doing, but breaking free to accomplish it is messing with you. We need to surrender control and let go–we’ll figure it out as we go. “You’re being prepared for greatness” Barbara told the group, and I’ve felt like this has been happening to me personally for about six-eight months now. Something internally is going on that I cannot explain, but I feel as though my life finally has purpose and I’m on a path to something tremendous. Barbara also said something I’ve found myself saying lately in that sometimes “we need to get out of our own way.” Amen!

This has been one very interesting day in beautiful Sedona. I am not sure what will come of me upon returning home, but I don’t believe I’ll be 100% the same. This has already been an incredibly enlightening experience. I can’t wait to see what Day 2 brings!