Aligning your sales and marketing processes sounds great and provides many benefits to a growing and thriving organization, but how do you implement it all?

Marketing and sales teams—working allies or adversaries?

“Salespeople care only about commissions!” “Marketers don’t know beans about real customers!” Don’t let culture, personalities and attitudes drive these two critical teams apart-and threaten the bottom line. This seminar will replace turf wars with team work and with the tools to help marketing and sales collaborate, communicate-and conquer together! Your staff will achieve better customer relationships, product/service solutions that meet customer demands, superior speed-to-market performance and greater organizational competitiveness!

You & Your Staff Will Discover How To:

  • Identify and maximize the interdependencies between marketing and sales
  • Understand the different perspectives that each team brings to the table
  • Effectively monitor and improve collaborative efforts between marketing and sales
  • Link the strategic nature of marketing with the tactical needs of sales to better utilize resources
  • Create a lead-generation strategy that encompasses marketing, sales and end-users
  • Achieve successful customer relationship management—the core of marketing/sales alignment
  • Bring to market customer-focused products and services with speed and efficiency

Topics Covered:

  • The need for, and benefits of, marketing and sales alignment
  • Marketing and sales perspectives: account vs. product/market focus…how marketing mix elements tie in to the sales process
  • CRM: moving from a product/service orientation to a customer focused organization
  • Interdependency between marketing and sales
  • Moving beyond marketing/sales interface to create long-term costumer value

Who Should Attend

  • Mid- to senior-level marketing
  • Sales and product executives, including managers
  • Directors
  • VPs
  • CMOs.

Note: Team participation will greatly enhance the benefits of this seminar.