Experience has proven time and again that the thing most small to medium businesses need most is a strategic sales and marketing SYSTEM that consistently grows their profitability.

While we have generated a lot of great results for clients like you in areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), lead generating websites, marketing automation, and other direct response marketing tactics, the combination of multiple strategies has created the greatest increases in sales and profits.

To download a copy of the x2 Sales System framework, simply click the link. Here is a small version of the framework.

In a nutshell, the x2 Sales System:

  • Targets Ideal Prospects
  • Offers Value at Each Interaction Point
  • Educates Prospects & Existing Clients
  • Cuts Time to a Deal by as much as 25%
  • Automates Early Stages of the Sales Process
  • Minimizes Reliance on Discounting
  • Improves Closing Ratios by as much as 600%
  • Positions You as the Expert & Logical Conclusion
  • Establishes Favorable Buying Criteria for You
  • Maximizes the Use of Marketing’s Interrelationship

So how does the x2 Sales System do all of this? Through a combination of the following eight activities, you can put your business on the fast track to success:

  1. Develop a superior access vehicle that opens more decision maker doors
  2. Capture lead data so that you can follow up with your prospects in a time effective fashion
  3. Automate the early stages of the sales process so that you can shrink the time to a deal
  4. Educate your prospects and customers throughout the buying process so they can make wiser decisions
  5. Build credibility and trust by sharing your knowledge and improving your prospects’ odds of success
  6. Establish favorable buying criteria by focusing on your strengths that your competitors can’t easily match
  7. Overcome objections before they arise so that the sales process continues smoothly
  8. Close more business without resorting to hype or high pressure tactics

Some of the features and benefits of the system that pave the way for your business to greatly benefit include:

Optimized Web Presence:

  • Places you business on Google’s map and front pages for relevant keyword phrases to generate more awareness and visibility
  • Captures contact information so that leads no longer fall through the cracks
  • Makes it easy for your staff to update content and interact with your prospects and clients

Automated Marketing:

  • Continues to follow up with prospects long after the typical sales rep has given up (Did you know that the average organization will give up after just the 2nd rejection 80% of the time?)
  • Eliminates lead slippage that often occurs with manual processes and procedures
  • Helps to reduce common expenses such as travel, lodging, and meals for poorly timed meetings

Strategic Positioning:

  • Effectively positions your firm as the smart choice by educating prospects how to buy effectively while overcoming objections
  • Puts your competition on their heels by marketing strategically vs. tactically
  • Opens more doors to true decision makers which often reduces time to a deal

Outcome Oriented:

  • Impacts your top and bottom lines so that all stakeholders experience positive results
  • Balances strategies & tactics to produce tangible sales increases
  • Reduces risk by minimizing the number of vendors and suppliers in the mix so that you can focus on improving your business instead of sales & marketing

So How Much to Implement ALL of This?

As you probably guessed, the investment requirements for this robust sales and marketing system are unique to each business although we believe in having some skin in the game, too. That means we’ll meet you half-way on any endeavor involving this system … we succeed as you succeed because that’s how a marketing PARTNER should work with you.

With that said, be prepared to share a portion of the incremental revenue generated during our endeavors together. If you’re “price sensitive” like most businesses today, you’ll appreciate the fact that we’ll put our money where our mouths are, but you need to be willing to do the same if we’re to become partners because that’s only fair, right?

If you’re intrigued by what you’ve read, please call Roger directly at (502) 394-0460 for a free consultation about how the x2 Sales System can start working for your business today.

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