Competitive Intelligence

For many organizations competitive intelligence is a relatively small function often operating as a part of marketing or market research. Many small businesses don’t have separate marketing departments, and that’s where we come in.

Competitor and SWOT analyses are the most frequently used analysis methods by larger firms. Most of those firms rely heavily on internal employees as the primary sources of information. Publications and websites are second in the research food chain for this type of analysis. We don’t approach things any differently–we’ll survey your employees and scour the web for SWOT and competitor information. We’ll then combine the results of our findings into a comprehensive report you can use with your employees to improve your company and counter competitive forces.

Business Planning: Market Research

For business planning purposes, you’re likely to need some form of market research to back your plan. We provide business planning and market research services. We’ll even help you write the business plan should you decide it’s time to move forward with your venture.

Custom Research

We can perform other research services for you. Some other areas of interest may include:

  • Product Placement
  • Pricing
  • Feasibility Study
  • M&A Interest
  • Other