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Search engines are an excellent source of high quality web traffic. They don’t send visitors who ’stumble upon’ your website or accidently clicked on an ad banner. Instead, they send you interested visitors who type in a query while fully expecting to find what they need. They are engaged right from the start and ready to buy, browse or read.

If their desire is well fulfilled by your webpage, you may end up getting a bookmark, customer or repeat reader. Added bonus: search engine traffic is consistent and usually cost-free. Ranking well for several relevant keywords or phrases could get you a steady stream of visitors everyday. That’s why some businesses choose to hire SEO firms/consultants.

There are many factors involved in the actual ranking of a site on a search engine results page, one of them being the use of keywords in the domain name. While the use of a keyword or key phrase does not alone promise a high ranking, it does seem to be a factor to some extent, partially because the domain name is often used as the anchor text for links.

Why do I talk about this? Because one way to get more search engine traffic is to build many of what I call ‘mini-funnel’ websites for specific keyword phrase/search queries. All of these slave websites could be designed as pointers to funnel traffic to your master site. Alternatively, they could be used as a stand-alone site to build exposure/accumulate leads.

Let’s do an example. I recently came across ’Is Barack Obama a Muslim‘ a one-page website created by someone to answer that one specific search query. The domain name and title tag consists of the keyword phrase (isbarackobamaamuslim) and the word ‘No’ links to the U.S democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama’s campaign website. Screenshot:

is barack obama a muslim

Just in case the user misspells his/her query there’s also ‘Is Barack Obama Muslin‘, a one-page website created specifically for possible incorrect search terms (the usefulness of this is offset by search engine auto-correction). In any case, this page contains 3 links, one to the Wikipedia page for ‘Muslin’, one to Obama’s campaign site and the other to the site mentioned above.

is barack obama muslin

And then there’s the ‘Is Barack Obama Muslim‘ version of the site with the ‘a’ alphabet dropped. This particular one ranks the highest on both Yahoo and Google for the ‘is barack obama muslim‘ phrase, taking the no. 1 spot and even outranking Obama’s own official website. This appears to be the most established version of the three; Yahoo site explorer shows that it has 10,762 incoming links compared to the hundreds for the two other sites.

is barack obama muslim

These mini-sites were created to provide answers to a specific question, one that is rather popular because rumors of Barack Obama being a Muslim have been circulating through viral emails or blogs. The goal of these two sites is to debunk the rumors by funneling traffic to Obama’s official site, which provides a clear explanation on the topic.

So the strategy is pretty clear-cut here. Create websites to answer specific search queries or deal with specific topics. Then use them to generate leads or send traffic to your home base.

Here are some elements which I think would really make these mini-sites work:

  1. Single-issue. Deal with too many topics or questions and your webpage will lose its immediacy. It also makes sense, especially if you’re using a keyphrase domain name.

  2. Reference-friendly. People link to Wikipedia pages because they provide an overview or in-depth info on a specific topic. A way to make your site more linkable is to make sure that it covers the issue in full, through original content and external links.

  3. Novelty/Simplicity. A single-page website is easily digestible. Two or three more pages may be fine. Use up too many pages and you’ll end up losing the novelty factor and becoming a full site. You don’t have to just use black text on a white background. Clean, unique and topically relevant site designs will always help.

  4. Viral components. To make people spread the word, encourage them by providing sharing options like an email-a-friend feature or link-to-me banners. Favorite tools that marketers have used include quizzes, videos and polls. Anything interactive.

  5. Sell elsewhere. The funnel-site is not the place to make money. The injection of a commercial motive might make it less linkable, novel and appealing. Remove or obscure commercial intent by not putting up ads and selling elsewhere (email list or master site).

The Obama examples given above use the exact keyword search query as the domain name/title tag, which encourages people to link using the same words. You don’t have to stick to keyphrases; brandable non-keyword domain names are OK too, although I think its best to at least have some keywords in the title tag, since you’re going after visitors from search.

But then again, search engine algorithms can be unpredictable. Such a site might fall out of favor for some reason and lose its rankings. That’s why its important to give it a good push at the start by promoting it on social media channels to make sure that it serves its purpose as a lead generator/traffic funnel. The resulting links might also help your site develop trust.

So, what do you think of these mini-funnel websites?

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How ‘Mini-Funnel’ Websites Can Help You Increase Traffic, Generate Leads and Build Exposure

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Hi gang.  Just wanted to let you in on one of the best interviews you will ever hear about running a high achieving real estate team.  Today, I had the pleasure to sit down with Jay Nelson of RE/MAX Elite in Nashville, TN.  Jay did not start real estate the easy way.  Jay came to Nashville to pursue a career in the country music business.  Jay was signed to three record deals in a short time of getting here and had the world at his feet before the country music bust of the late 1990’s.  Jay was dropped, and had to make a living.  Jay began waiting tables and selling real estate on the side.  He soon had a family to feed with a new wife and child, and decided he had to make real estate work in his favor. 

When Jay came to me, he was doing about $1 million in sales, in a good year.  Jay had a burning desire to succeed, and he was coachable.  Unless someone shows me something, I don’t just work with anyone.  I did see fire in his eyes, and saw that this was a "do or die" run.  Jay HAD to succeed.  He told me about himself, and what he wanted to do.  I told him that only if he followed directions to a tee, I would work with him.  We sat down to chart Jay’s course a little over 4 years ago, and Jay has not looked back!

Jay is now a $40 million dollar agent running a highly successful sales team with his own real estate company! 

This interview with Jay will bring you to the understanding that it takes hard work to make this industry run.  There is no magic pill! 

Jay tells his story from the heart, bearing what he went through, and how he learned to become a MEGA AGENT!  You will also be able to hear Jay showcase his talent by singing acapella on the podcast.  This guy is a rising star shooting through the sky!  Sit back and enjoy this as I did.

Happy Selling!

Brandon Patrick

Dean of Students

Real Estate Toolbox University





Guys, just wanted you to know that Brian Rogers is here with me in Nashville, TN, and we are bringing you back some serious success stories from the field!  Today, we are interviewing the 2007 RE/MAX International Broker Owner of the Year, Robb Campbell.  Robb started out in real estate in very humble beginnings, working in the family restaurant and going to school.  After being taken in by a real estate mentor, and through hard work, Robb went in 10 years from a fledgling new Broker/Owner to the most successful Broker/Owner in the RE/MAX franchise system, with his company selling over $1 BILLION in homes a year..  Please check out our call below!  This  is a "can’t miss" call for any owner or Managing Broker.

Happy Selling!

Brandon Patrick

Dean of Students

Real Estate Toolbox University


Today, I had a fabulous interview with Mortgage Success Coach, Tim Davis on the 5 Sandtraps of Real Estate!  Tim will take you through deadly traps that real estate agents get caught up in that keep their business from going to the top.  You will enjoy Tim’s insight and vision for the world of real estate.  This info packed call will help bring your business to new levels!

Brandon Patrick

Dean of Students

Real Estate Toolbox University



This is a "MUST HEAR" interview!  Brandon delivers a power packed interview with Sales Superstar Tom Black! Tom is currently on the speaking circuit in 2008 with Mega Author Mark Victor Hansen, Art Linkletter and sports psychologist Dennis Waitley!  Tom brings home selling skills in this interview and what it will take to succeed in the future!


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