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Consulting Firm Obtains Rights to Resell Popular Search Engine Optimization E-Book. Now Anyone Can Obtain High Rankings in the Major Search Engines by Downloading the Book for Free.


Louisville, KY, 11/29/2006—SMB Consulting, Inc. of Louisville, Kentucky has obtained reseller rights to the popular Search Engine Optimization (SEO) E-book “SEO Made Easy” by Brad Callen. The firm initially intends to give the book away for free until the end of the year (12/31/2006), and the book will help anyone with a website obtain higher rankings in the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

According to the Georgia Institute of Technology, 85% of qualified internet traffic is driven through search engines, however 75% of search engine users never scroll past the first page of results. “What good is a website if no one can find you?” asks SMB Consulting, Inc.’s Founder/CEO Roger Bauer. “Often times, people prop up a website and think their job is done, but the reality is things are only just beginning if your site’s objective is to bring in visitors or generate new business leads. Brad Callen has been kind enough to grant us rights to resell his fantastic book, and we want to help our customers by giving them an early Christmas gift for the holidays. We believe this will result in a win-win outcome.” Bauer continued.

In order to download the free e-book, interested parties can visit and click on the SEO Made Easy link. This e-book will guide anyone with a website through a basic search engine optimization process step-by-step.

SMB Consulting, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and has helped their clients achieve top rankings in the major search engines along with substantial increases in search engine related traffic. To learn more about Search Engine Optimization please visit or contact the company by e-mailing

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Thanksgiving Musings

First off, I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving and a safe one. Our family got together for a fantastic meal at my brother’s house in which his wife (Donna) cooked up a mean bird and her world famous green-beans. I used to hate green-beans, but she got me back to liking them to the point I can make a pretty tasty pot myself (her recipe tweaked of course).

Since this day is about giving thanks, I thought I’d take the time to give thanks for the following:
1) My parents are still alive and kicking. Mom is in a nursing home, but she’s at least adjusted and seems content/at peace. I hate seeing her there, but they can give her the care she requires at this juncture. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that I hope they find a cure for as it’s affected my mom’s side of the family pretty heavily which scares me to no end—I have seen what the disease can do, and I don’t want to go through that. That’s a selfish view, but I can’t help but wonder if I’m headed there eventually. Luckily, my dad’s side of the family doesn’t seem to be afflicted with Alzheimer’s so there’s hope. Anyway, I’m very thankful my parents are still with us regardless of capacity. If your parents are still around, please appreciate the time you have with them.

2) I have my health for the most part. My knees now cause issues, but I’m in pretty good condition other than that. Every since I kicked the diet drink habit (February 8, 2006), I’ve felt much better overall, and my cholesterol, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and energy levels have returned to normal. That aspartame is a demon—stay off that stuff if you can.

3) I met a great girl this past year (Jennifer), and we’ve been going strong since March. While I’m sure I frustrate her with my tunnel vision focus on work sometimes, I’m really glad to have her in my life. I’ve been fortunate in the dating department and probably take some of it for granted when I get zoomed in on another aspect of life, but that’s just who I am.

4) I got my own business started in earnest this past year—something I have always desired to do for as long as I can remember. It’s beginning to produce fruit so I feel good about the future of this firm. It takes a lot of work to start a business (a topic for a future article?), and I honestly had no idea what I was doing when I started down this path last year. I halfway started this thing then, but I threw myself totally into it in the summer of 2006. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to work with some great people and expand my own knowledge along the way.

5) Last but not least, I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’ve got some high quality people in my life, and I’m glad to have them share in the trials and tribulations of my life and vice versa. Every successful person has a solid support group so I’m fortunate to have that. Repeated success is sure to follow with the group I have in my corner.

Now onto a recap of my Thanksgiving if you’re interested.

Day in General
My day got started by doing something I truly enjoy—bicycling with our Louisville Race Team. We (13 of us at the start; 9 at the end after a few peeled off early to head back home) set out to do 40 miles from one of the local parks at a decent pace but nothing too brisk. I somewhat determined the route we’d follow with input from a few other guys. Much to my chagrin, I guided the team past a key turn about 25 miles in, and we ended up with 70+ miles instead of the planned 40. Oops! Sorry about that guys. I hope nobody got thrown into the doghouse for being late, but I’m guessing a couple of guys did. I feel bad about that because I don’t like misguiding a group of friends/teammates, and I really didn’t want the extra 30 miles because I’ve been battling knee pain for a while now, and that didn’t help matters. Around mile 50 or so, my legs started locking up in the knee area (of course) so the last portion of the ride was rather painful. Thankfully we weren’t drilling it out today, or I’d have been complete toast! Not sure if I can ride tomorrow, but the ride today really helped create quite a bit of hunger so there was some serious damage done to the food spread. This is the first Thanksgiving I can remember in a long while I haven’t been hung-over from totally blowing it out the night before so I’m happy about that. I drank nary an ounce last night so I felt pretty good all day aside from the end of the ride. Perhaps I’ve finally matured?

I’ve actually done some work today—can you believe that? Maybe I’m obsessed, as some have suggested, but I truly find it easier to “catch up” during holidays because people aren’t looking to do something or go somewhere.

I am working on another SEO article and also researching different copywriting techniques to guide people through a website and ultimately get them to sign up for something or at least have enough interest to contact me. I’m disappointed in my website’s traffic so I’ve decided to do something about it. Getting it to rank well is one thing, but “converting” visitors is another. The site gets consistent new visitors each week, but they obviously aren’t intrigued enough to go to the contact page and fill out the form or sign up for the newsletter. If you have some constructive criticism you’d like to share on what you’d do to better “convert” visitors, I’m very open to that. The site can be found at Check it out and shoot me an e-mail (go to the contact page on site and reference this post otherwise I’ll think you’re just some wise ass. Ha, ha.)

While I sit here watching the Boston College/Miami college football game, I’m reminded of how far the Hurricanes have fallen yet I don’t believe Larry Coker should be fired. The guy has a 58-15 record (.795 winning pct.) coming into this game. That’s phenomenal! I think he should be given another year at least. You can’t throw someone with that kind of record under the bus so quickly and easily even though the fans are screaming to chop the guy’s head off.

Tomorrow the Cards play in Cincinnati against Dayton in basketball, and Saturday the football team is at Pittsburgh. Both are worrisome games because the basketball team can’t stop dribble penetration worth a damn, and the football team’s defense struggles against the pass. Tyler Palko (Pitt) is a solid quarterback that could pick apart the secondary if we don’t get consistent pressure on him. I believe we will put some pressure on him, but that doesn’t mean a win is guaranteed because of that alone. Our offense has struggled of late, and this game has been a source of stress all season even when we were undefeated and rolling.

As for the basketball team, there is a good group of young talent, but Rick Pitino doesn’t like to play freshmen as much as he’s going to have to play them this season. That troubles me because this freshman class is a very talented one, but they have to learn on the job. Last year was a complete circling of the bowl in hoops, and I frankly won’t go through another one of those this year. If this team shows signs of sucking, I’ll have to find something else to do with my time. My blood pressure simply can’t handle a repeat of last season.

There you have what’s on my mind today. Not a lot of business for a change, but I figure a change of pace every now and again doesn’t hurt anything. Right?

What are you pondering this Thanksgiving Day? What are you thankful for? As always, f
eel free to e-mail me or comment below, and thanks for reading.

OJ–Why Won't You Just Go Away? (A Personal Rant)

I’m sitting here watching the news this evening and a story about America’s favorite murderer appears talking about how News Corp (a.k.a. Fox) has pulled the plug on the book and the pending interview to promote the book like we’re somehow being deprived of quality “content.” Thank God someone came to their senses before a major public faux pas!

I keep wondering every time I see this joker masquerading around on television like everything is great and he’s a just a swell guy, “what WON’T this guy do for money and publicity?” It never fails—every six months or so the “Juice” makes the news for something that really isn’t noteworthy, but the media can’t get enough of this cat. Maybe the public can’t get enough of him so that’s why the media pours over every bit of “news” about this guy like he’s contributed something to society worth a damn. I’m confused as to why anyone would care though. The guy whacked two innocent people in a jealous rage, got away with it and tries to play it off like he really didn’t do it. I’m sorry, DNA evidence is a pretty strong indictment of guilt in my book. Newsflash—he did it! I don’t care if the stupid glove didn’t fit–he’s still guilty!!!

Can we just get over this guy already and quit promoting his self righteousness at every turn? He obviously needs money although he finds plenty of time to hit the links which I know can’t be cheap. I suppose he’s still hunting for the “real killers” on the golf courses throughout the country as that’s where most hardened criminals hangout right? Where is he getting his money anyway? Shouldn’t every penny he has go to the Goldmans and Browns?

While OJ remains a large mystery to me in terms of his popularity, he’s not fooling anyone with half a brain—he’s a guilty man who got an innocent sentence. That internal guilt has to eat at one’s soul like nothing else. However it ultimately ends, I’m ready for our television and news airwaves to be freed of this low-life fraud once and for all.

I received an e-mail today from Business First stating they may publish a couple of my articles. This is big news for me and my firm as I’ve been trying to get published in print for a little while now in order to market the consultancy to a broader, yet localized, audience.

One of the things I try to weave into website owners’ heads is offline marketing is still important when it comes to your business. We’re still a society that reads print publications even though the subscriber numbers are coming down for almost all print media. That doesn’t mean it’s not a viable medium for marketing a business especially if you can get something published for free like an article. Technically, the article isn’t free as time is money, but your time is hopefully rewarded with an increase in business. Even if you only capture “bathroom impressions” from print media, those are still valuable hits you wouldn’t get otherwise.

It’s still more cost effective to market online since you can reach a seemingly endless prospect base, it’s real time, and you can achieve a quantifiable ROI from online marketing unlike that of television or print. Who is to say that your television commercial or print ad gets viewed as often as suggested? Since the marketing firms are against Nielsen releasing television commercial statistics (I’d love to see those numbers!), it’ll be awhile until we can put a definitive number on viewership, but we can regularly get that data online. Same with print media–how can one be sure if their article or ad receives the “impressions” or “eyeballs” the publisher suggests? It’s hard to accurately quantify those numbers, but I will gladly take the exposure print media can provide.

I’ll report back once one of my articles gets published and share the online traffic numbers after publication. It should produce a noticable spike, but there’s no way to tell until it actually happens. We’ll monitor this “campaign” just like we would an online effort.

The Basics of SEO

What is SEO anyway?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is a highly involved, somewhat lengthy, process designed to elevate an internet website’s major search engine ranking and/or positioning. The major search engines (Google, Microsoft Network (MSN), and Yahoo) make up greater than 70% of search traffic on the internet. This is a common way for people to find others, information, companies, potential business partners, etc. by entering a “keyword” or search term. Typically, the searcher will seek information on their keyword or search term and click on the top results. Thus the higher a site ranks for a given keyword or search term, the better its chances of attracting more visitors to its site.

Why Should I Care about SEO?
If you run a business and have a web presence, don’t you want the most people possible knowing about that business? Wouldn’t it benefit you if your website was able to bring you new leads or develop new customers every day, 24 hours per day? Research has shown that nearly 95% of all search engine users rarely read past the first page of search results. Because of that, it behooves you to have your website on the first page of search results for specific keywords and terms.

Can’t I just Pay for a High Ranking?
No! Organic (or “free”) search listing rankings cannot be purchased. These are “earned” over time via links, content, keyword relevance, page and site descriptions, titles of pages, etc. You can pay for clicks to your website based on specific terms or keywords however these are separate results from the free results people commonly click.

What is Pay-Per-Click?
Pay-per-click is a form of internet advertising where you pay a certain amount for each “click” or “hit” to your website as a result of a person searching for a certain keyword or phrase.

What is Click Fraud?
Click fraud occurs when a person or automated computer script imitates a legitimate search for a keyword or phrase yet clicks on the pay-per-click result for the sole purpose of generating revenue for the search engine or affiliate.

What is a Linking Partner?
A linking partner is a website which provides a link to your site. Some will require a link on your site to theirs in return (a reciprocal link) while others will want to have a link on a third party’s site in exchange for the link to yours. Reciprocal links aren’t as valuable as unique one way links but the more links you have pointing to your site (link popularity), the more “important” the search engines will consider your site.

What is Page Rank?
Page Rank is Google’s proprietary algorithm for determining a site’s importance. It’s expressed as a value from 1-10 with 10 being the most important and most desirable. The algorithm was designed by Larry Page, Google’s co-founder. Page Rank is affected by things such as the number of links pointing to your website, and the amount of unique and relevant content on your website.

What is a Keyword?
A keyword is a typical word or phrase you’d expect people to use when searching for your site. That’s about as simple as we can explain it.

What is Keyword Density?
The number of keywords you use on a particular page in relation to the number of total words on that page. The more keywords you have peppered throughout the page and site, the better your site may rank for that particular term. You must be careful not to load a page with too many keywords, however—that is considered keyword “stuffing” or spamming and is frowned upon by the search engines.

What is a Sitemap?
A sitemap is basically an inventory listing of all of the pages on your site. It tells the search engines how to get around your site and also how many pages there are on your site. It can be made visible to your visitors, but it doesn’t have to be. Uploading an XML file directly to the search engines is a generally accepted best practice for optimizing your search engine rankings.

What is a Spider?
Search engines utilize small programs to surf and inventory sites all over the internet. These are called spiders, and they follow links from site to site to gather their inventory to report back to the search engine. They are also referred to as crawlers or bots from time to time.

What is a Meta Tag?
A meta tag is an HTML piece of code which provides information about that particular page or document. These don’t provide formatting information or any actionable code—they are there for the search engines to catalog your site and the pages contained on your site.

What is a Blog?
A blog (short for weblog) is a news or journal type of site which is frequently used more for opinionated type of entries and is typically updated frequently. It is intended for general consumption but has become a valuable tool for all types of users to spread information and awareness of their websites.

Why Should I Write Articles for my Website?
Articles are a great way to increase the amount of unique content on your site as it pertains to the keywords you desire to rank well. There are numerous websites that publish articles, and it is common practice for the authors to include a link in their by-line back to their website. This creates an inbound link to the author’s website which in turn increases its popularity. It’s also a good way to increase awareness aside from the linking benefits.

What are Directories?
Directories are databases containing listings to websites based on categories and sub-categories. Many of the search engines access directories to crawl their links to learn of new sites. Directories are an invaluable resource for search engines and can often serve to improve a site’s ranking depending upon how important the search engine weighs the directory in question. Directories may provide a link to your site often without requiring a return or reciprocal link on your site.

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