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Personal Branding is its own reward

Each year, Dan Schawbel’s organization recognizes some of the standout brands with Personal Brand Awards. Last year, Rohit Bhargava won the gold award, and this year Jeremiah Owyang was presented the 2008 gold award. An esteemed panel of judges made the selection and people were graded based on a few factors, such as value proposition, differentiation, and marketability.

I’m humbled to tell you that I was one of the 6 people honored with recognition.  It’s quite an honor and even more so, when you see the other recipients.  I’d like to take a minute and introduce you to each of the honorees (well, except me…you know me!)

Gold Award:  Jeremiah Owyang

Jeremiah is probably one of the most trusted and sought after experts in the social media space.  As a researcher for Forrester following media trends is his day job.  He’s very generous with his time and knowledge and the judges wisely selected him unanimously.

Silver Awards:  Daniel Scocco and Laura Fitton

Daniel is certainly a go-to-guy for blogging, people trust him and he constantly rewards his community.  He offers up tips and strategies on blogging and currently holds the #29 spot in terms of popular blogs (according to Technorati).

Laura’s focus is on social media consulting, specifically "microsharing" which is all about harnessing the power of tools like Twitter, Pownce, Plurk and Jaiku.  She’s often quoted on and offline about where the world of social media is headed.

Bronze Awards:  Jim Kukral, Wendy Piersall, and little old me

Jim’s thing is all things affiliate marketing,
social media and internet marketing each and every day. He communicates
his brand through both video and written entries and is a common face
at industry events.

Wendy introduced herself to us as eMoms at Home which has now evolved into SparkPlugCEO.  Wendy’s message is about the power and possibilities of working for yourself and from home.  Her personal story inspires many to take the leap.

Me.  Enough said.  If you want to read what Dan and the judges said…(this link is for you, Mom and Dad!)

Congrats to all the recipients.  As you can imagine, it’s heady stuff to be among them.

If you’re wondering who made the call, the judges were:


Read more about the award in the most recent edition of Personal Branding Magazine.

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Social Media Charity(This story has been updated with a newer idea here: A Plan for Social Media Sites (and users) to Give Back)

Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Slashdot, Newsvine, NowPublic, Yahoo! Buzz.  Between these seven sites, traffic to a particular website can easily exceed 100,000, potentially much higher.

With so much power to drive people to various websites across the Internet, why are none of them greatly involved with charity?  I’m not talking about donating – I’m sure that the companies or their executives donate.  I’m talking about making a difference.  I’m talking about using their power to drive traffic and applying it to charity websites.

The reason that they don’t is that they (other than Slashdot) are strictly driven by the actions, likes, and intentions of the users.  You could argue that there is a human hand or two manipulating the system from time to time, but that’s an entirely different post. (more…)

Tip’d: A Social Media Site on the Rise

Tip'dWith so many open source variations of social media sites, there are new ones launched every day.  Most cater to a very small niche and rarely make it to 100 registered users.

Tip’d is the exception.  After its official launch last week, it has already made some amazing strides as of October 20, 2008:

  • 750+ registered users
  • 1000+ articles submitted
  • Approaching 10,000 Tips received
  • 600+ comments made

The real splash, though, is in the quality of users.  Social media powerhouses like zaibatsu, tamar, jaybol, Emit, nowsourcing, weblaunches, webaddict, 1only, coloneltribune, ritubpant, TunisianGuy, and  adrian67 have been active on the site.  Many of them came because of the endorsement of another social media powerhouse, msaleem. (more…)

This is a "MUST HEAR" interview!  Brandon delivers a power packed interview with Sales Superstar Tom Black! Tom is currently on the speaking circuit in 2008 with Mega Author Mark Victor Hansen, Art Linkletter and sports psychologist Dennis Waitley!  Tom brings home selling skills in this interview and what it will take to succeed in the future!


Selling Fear & Entitlement To The Culture Of ME

With CNN in the background I hear an "expert" explain that Wall Street is based on "fear and greed. And fear is a much more powerful driver for investors."

What does this have to do with real estate?

Its about confidence.

Mommy Congress and Daddy Bush have asked Granddad Paulson to give the markets a "loan".   Seems we all overspent a little too much over the past few years and need some help to get by."Rock a bye Baby, it will be OK".

Its also an election year. I ran scared when I heard one candidate say in an interview he has  "a little something for everybody". But this bailout package eclipses any "giving" our candidates could ever promise.

So it is a confidence issue. Confidence game as in con job. We all know granddads loans are really gifts in the real world. With low interest and no due date.

However Government money comes from two places. Taxes or they just PRINT MORE.

So my point is to not think that our parents in DC are going to help. As I implied in a recent post. Prospecting and selling will take care of you and yours.

The reporters are all whining this is the biggest meltdown ever. On the same broadcast I heard at least a couple misrepresentations of the AIG bailout. Puleeze. Aren’t you tired of people explaining this thing after just learning the meaning of LIBOR a few days ago?

They will overhype. However, they also over hyped the run up. Good for goose I guess. But, it is time to take matters into your own hands.

Online we can cause geometric attitudinal change. This blog alone is syndicated all over the place. What are you doing online?  Are you making good things happen in your market? Isn’t it time?

Financing ran the last market. What about now?It is is still about financing. The agents who know financing will not only survive they will position themselves to dominate their markets as this thing turns the right way. Pre-1980 agents had to do all kinds of creative deals. Pull out those old sales training manuals.

Assumptions, carry backs, wrap arounds. Get comfortable with these ideas as it may be your way to transact as banks freeze your deals. Oh by the way, when you are the only one who knows how to get a house financed, the "will you cut your commission?" question quite insulting.

The only ones that will create real confidence in the real estate market is YOU.

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