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Inaugural Zing Presentation Review

Today, Ken, Watson, and I (Roger) headed to Wilson Muir Bank in St. Matthews bright and early to give our first official Zing Presentation to a small group of business owners from around Louisville. We discussed the impact personalized marketing has on increasing revenue; sales and marketing alignment; standing out amongst the massive amounts of marketing clutter; “The Hourglass Precept” and how that came about along with automated marketing campaigns. A tad bit of time was dedicated to our partnership with Infusion and how various automated marketing campaigns can provide a consistent experience for the customer and eliminate unnecessary phone calls a sales rep has to make to warm up leads.

In attendance were:

It dawned on me during the presentation how our organization has really evolved over the last year or so when we began flirting with the idea of partnering on something together. It made me very proud to have gone through the experience with Ken and Watson even though there have been some bumps in the road, but what worthwhile venture doesn’t experience that?

When we began, we thought we were going to be more of a lead and awareness generation type of outfit, then we came to realize that we were getting deeper into the sales funnel which ultimately led us to focusing on helping clients increase revenue by capitalizing on the entire sales “hourglass” instead of just the top part of it (the traditional sales funnel). The bottom half of the hourglass focuses on repeat purchases, building customer loyalty and creating ambassadors for your brand. Worthwhile stuff indeed.

Some of the things to come out of the dialogue amongst the group was that the focus on the bottom half of the hourglass is a good place to focus to help our clients increase sales. That seemed to be a consensus although each attendee had different perspectives on what they heard.

Todd Smith of Formwood, who happens to be the king of great metaphors, stated that the key for him when considering any initiative is “return on time” or ROT for short. We’re planning to use that term more in the future as it really captures the essence of automated marketing. One of the initial metaphors Todd shared with us the first time we all met was that he was trying to keep his organization from “swinging at pitches in the dirt.” That’s well stated, and it summarizes what a lot of organizations go through as they grow. Too many wasted swings at bad pitches that can’t be hit with a boat oar. Anyway, Todd is always great to talk to because there will usually be a nifty takeaway that is applicable across a wide array of situations.

Overall, I thought this was a very good introduction of Zing to the local business public and something we can definitely build upon. As of this post, we’re tentatively planning to have our next presentation on April 15, but that may be delayed one week due to vacation plans and event coordination considerations. Check the blog for more details as one of us will post something when there are more details ironed out. I hope you can join us for one of our next outings.

SEO Pricing Comparison Guide Update

The SEO Pricing Comparison Guide produced yesterday has already been updated as there has been quite a bit of demand for it already.  The guide now reviews pricing for 50 of the top SEO firms across the globe and has pointers for selecting an SEO partner along with an explanation of the typical pricing models SEO firms utilize.

Hopefully it becomes a highly referred to resource.  If I can answer any of your questions, please visit our contact page and shoot me an e-mail.  I’d put my e-mail address on here, but spammers have been blowing me up.  😉   Or better yet, register to receive your copy of the guide and send me some feedback on it.

What if the CEO was watching you?

I just returned from eating a quick meal at Q-Doba, and I’m rather disappointed in the experience during this particular visit. Usually, Q-Doba is very tasty and scratches my itch for quick Mexican as long as there isn’t a line out the door (I’ll go elsewhere), but tonight the “process” was discouraging even though there was no line at all. Here’s why:

For starters, I walked in a good 45 minutes before closing time so it’s not like the employees were going to have to stay late because of my 15 minute (tops) pit stop. Plus, the employees have to stay afterwards to clean and close up shop so they’re going to be there anyway. Initially, I was thinking “maybe I am at fault for cutting it close on the time,” but that wasn’t the case upon further review.

The guy taking my order acted as if it was a MAJOR inconvenience to slop some rice, beans and chicken on a plate. Apparently, to get “back” at me for making him work, he royally skimped on the portions (especially the chicken) to the point I left almost as hungry as when I entered. Then the guy taking the money acted as if it was an inconvenience to take my money since he was having a conversation with one of his co-workers. Sorry, but your conversation about your test in a couple of days isn’t what you’re paid to do especially when paying customers enter the building.

All of this got me to pondering, “if Q-Doba’s CEO was watching all of this take place, what would he or she think?” Chances are, the service would have been extraordinary, and the portions would have been in line with their quality standards had an executive been monitoring the process.

This brings me to the take-home message: if you’re in a line of work where you interact with the public, pretend the CEO is watching every transaction, then ask yourself if you represented yourself in a manner that would please the CEO. If not, what would you do differently?

Providing quality service isn’t an inconvenience; it is part of your job, and it shouldn’t be that difficult a task to execute.

PS–this experience won’t dissuade me from visiting Q-Doba again, but a few more similar visits will chip away at an overall good impression of their chain.

11/29 Radio Show Preview: Rand Fishkin

This Thursday, Rand Fishkin, CEO of, will be my guest on the Bauer Pauer Hauer.

As most of you already know, search engine optimization is one of the hottest marketing techniques out there today. Whereas old school advertising and interruptive marketing methodologies blast out a message in hopes that someone receives it and eventually takes action, SEO helps you strategically go where you anticipate your desired target audience to be in order to market to them in a fashion that suits THEM best.

Wouldn’t it be neat if we could dictate when and how we wanted to be marketed to? Well, SEO is one way to achieve that.

Obviously since my firm helps clients achieve higher rankings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN via search engine optimization, having today’s guest on the show is quite an honor since he is one of the “rock stars” of this particular industry.

Rand Fishkin is founder and CEO of, a search engine optimization organization and online community which is a Seattle-based SEO company that serves as a hub for search marketers worldwide, providing education, tools, resources and paid services.

SEOmoz’s vast community comprises more than 30,000 registered users interested in the search marketing field.

I hope you’ll join Rand and me this Thursday at 2 PM ET for another edition of “The Bauer Pauer Hauer” on

Radio Show Preview: Value Definition & ROI

Date: October 25, 2007

Episode Title: Defining Value & ROI

Guest: Michael Nick, Author of “ROI Selling” and “Why Johnny Can’t Sell”

Expressing value in your sales and marketing messages can be a huge challenge for many organizations. More often than not, our own needs and focus working IN the business vs. ON the business overwhelms us to spread messages that are self serving and not customer centric. My guest, Michael Nick, will talk about ways you can express true customer value in your messages in an objective manner to better serve your customers.

During the show, you will learn such things as:

  • Establishing measurable goals
  • Developing “why buy” calls to action
  • The 5 rules for creating effective business issue statements
  • Crafting realistic ROI metrics
  • Discovering true customer needs and attaching a value to those needs

You don’t want to miss this show! Tune in Thursday at 2 PM ET (11 AM PT) for another power packed marketing hour on “The Bauer Pauer Hauer.”

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