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Radio Show Preview: Accelerating the Sales Process

Increasing sales is a goal of just about every single company out there today but far too many don’t know how to grow their sales effectively.

My guest 10/18/07, Michael Boylan, author of “Accelerants” and “The Power to Get In,” will share ways you can grow your company as a sales representative, marketer and/or a business owner including how to:

  • Target new revenue opportunities more efficiently and effectively
  • Compress and make more efficient your existing sales process
  • Craft stronger, more persuasive value propositions that create urgency to act
  • Identify and gain access to the real decision makers faster and more effectively
  • More accurately assess and scope the likelihood of each opportunity’s probability to close earlier in your courting process
  • Compress closing cycles and reduce your cost of sales by up to 25 percent

To join us for the show live @ 2 PM ET (11 AM PT), please visit The Bauer Pauer Hauer. If you’d like to call in and ask a question, the number is 866-472-5790. To have a question answered (on or off air), please e-mail, and I will see to it you get your question(s) answered.

Book Review: Conversation Marketing

Author: Ian Lurie

Approaching prospects and customers as if you’re just having a conversation tailored specifically for their situation is a great way to better connect with them and ultimately get them to buy. That’s the basic premise of the book, and I found it to be a good, albeit short, read.

Since the book IS so short, this is a quick read for anyone looking for ideas on a different approach to marketing their goods or services. It’s to the point and delivers some good food for thought.

Overall, I’d recommend Conversation Marketing although it won’t give you a brand spanking new approach to try. There are a lot of books that touch upon this concept (Seth Godin talks a lot about it in his books) so the odds of you having read other works that deliver the same basic message are pretty good if you’re into this sort of thing.

Radio Show Preview: Free Publicity Tips

This Thursday (October 11, 2007) @ 2 PM ET Marcia Yudkin, author of “6 Steps to Free Publicity” will join me on The Bauer Pauer Hauer.

Here are some things you’ll learn from the show:

  • What publicity can do for your business.
  • The dos and don’ts of dealing with reporters, producers, and other media folks.
  • How to spread your message in an objective manner.
  • How to increase traffic to your website.
  • Establishing credibility and “expert” status with your target audience.

I hope you’ll carve out an hour to join me Thursday @ 2 PM ET (11 AM PT) for another power packed marketing hour. If you’d like to ask Marcia or me a question, please e-mail, and we’ll get you an answer as soon as possible.

To access the show, visit VoiceAmerica Business or The Bauer Pauer Hauer.

Book Review: The Ultimate Sales Machine

Author: Chet Holmes

First off, this is a fantastic book for anyone involved in the marketing of a business; not just salespeople. Chet Holmes does a great job connecting the strategic aspects of business with the sales and marketing functions to the point it would be hard not to increase revenue if you take action with the 12 areas he covers in the book.

As an aside: I also sat in on one of the webinars given by one of his direct reports, and it was fantastic. The webinar covered many of the same concepts included in the book, but it sometimes helps to hear the material presented in various ways so that it sticks.

Education based marketing is the way to go in today’s business climate, and Holmes’ drives that point home very well throughout the book. Potential consumers and prospects are bombarded with messages every day, and they are very self centered when they make a purchase. In order to standout from the clutter, an education based marketing approach is necessary and highly advisable based on Holmes’ approach.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this book if you’re looking to improve your marketing’s reach and increase sales as a result. If you take action, you will get results.

SMB Consulting: Change of Focus Imminent

During my solo afternoon bike ride before the rain hit, I was doing some thinking about the core competencies of my firm and what I could boil it down to in the simplest of terms. After some internal back and forth, I came up with “lead generation” is what everything falls back to. Search optimization is beneficial only when it generates more qualified leads. Same with advertising and marketing efforts–quality lead generation is the ultimate goal when a company engages in those activities. So that got me to thinking about some of the services we currently offer that don’t relate to that core of lead generation.

Technology consulting doesn’t really fit into the “new” mission of the business. Neither does strategic planning although there are strategic elements involved when trying to generate leads through marketing or advertising so it’s more of a complimentary aspect than part of the core. Same goes for business planning–it’s not critical to the core of lead generation although marketing planning is so I foresee a shift in approach coming there. Web design/redesign, however, is a precursor to lead generation because the web is a critical tool to utilize when trying to attract potential customers and generate leads so that is something to be more focal for us moving forward.

What all is really involved in lead generation?
Website Design/Re-Design
Copywriting (falls under website design & SEO if you break it down)
Marketing (SEO falls under marketing if you really break it down)
Sales Training/Development

I’m sure I’m leaving some things out, but that’s a pretty good core list of services which doesn’t look all that related to the initial core list of services I envisioned when starting the firm two years ago. For some strange reason, I feel a sense of clarity after mulling through that during my ride today. I feel like the sense of purpose has now been defined and all future activities will have a greater meaning. Straying will be much more difficult, and it will be easier to make decisions about whether to take on a certain client, form a joint venture, partner, or offer another service.

In watching the first couple of DVDs of Mike Filsaime’s The 7 Figure Code, it talks about the “hedgehog concept” that is broached in Jim Collins’ bestselling Good to Great classic. I’ve read Good to Great, but I hadn’t revisited it in, well, two years so I was happy to have that topic come up again. My first “to do” after watching the first couple of DVDs was to figure out what I think this firm can become truly great at doing, and lead generation consulting is what I kept coming back to. Every business transaction starts with some sort of lead, and leads will never go out of “style” so this newly redefined mission could fuel the company for decades.

Moving forward, look for a shift in focus and offerings from our firm along with content that directly relates to the newly found focus.

What do you think of this approach? Good, bad, or indifferent–let me hear from you. I value all of the feedback I receive.

PS–So far, The 7 Figure Code has already stoked my internal coals to rethink everything from a more simplified place so it has proven invaluable after just 2 DVDs (16 total). If the next 14 provide as much thought provoking material, unbelievably great things are going to happen! I’ll post a more complete review of the package once I dig deeper into it–it just arrived yesterday (Thursday, 7/26/07).

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