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Sales Training For The B2B Sales Team

Sales Training For The B2B Sales Team

Sales training for B2B is inherently different than B2C sales training.  Selling to a business requires a stronger investigatory approach and an understanding of business operations as well as product performance.  B2B sales training can accelerate B2B sales growth by training your sales team in the intricacies of sales organization, business sales relationships, and complex business sales presentations.

Business to business sales are generally more complex than business to consumer sales.  Lead management involves individuals, clients, departments, teams and businesses.  Business sales cycles generally take longer than B2C sales cycles. Businesses have a higher resistance to sales and are knowledgeable on sales and marketing strategies.  Chances are high they have their own sales and marketing strategies developing within their company.

Sales training can help a B2B sales professional upgrade his skills to generate more leads, nurture and manage leads more thoroughly, use sales technology proficiently, understand the nuances of the business sale as opposed to a consumer sale, and develop new and inspiring business presentations and sales techniques.  A B2B sales professional must be alert to the changing nature of sales and marketing and the changing nature of the business economy. 

B2B sales professionals that aren’t trained in the latest sales and marketing techniques are likely to portray the company as not being capable of moving ahead with the business climate.  Your business must show credibility through your B2B sales team.  B2B sales typically require a consultive approach to relationships, rather than a product focused approach.  Sales training can develop consulting skills and strengthen the consulting credibility of the B2B sales professional.  A credible and trustworthy sales professional that is aware of current business trends will develop long-term relationships with clients that can contribute to cross-referrals and contribute to long-term revenue growth.

The most fundamental increase in complexity between a B2B company and a B2C company is the mere size of lead relationships.  Because B2B companies must sell to many individuals to make one sale, it is necessary for B2B sales professionals to be familiar with multiple selling techniques that can be applied to individual and departmental presentations.  Sales training for B2B sales professionals can provide sales professionals with unending ideas for sales presentations. The B2B sales professional will then have the presentation skills necessary to effectively present and sell to a large and diverse business audience.

Sales training for a B2B sales team or B2B sales professional is available at basic, intermediate and advanced skill levels. B2B sales require unique, complex sales and organizational skills that can be continuously improved upon with B2B sales training.  B2B sales training will provide your sales staff with skills that will increase their credibility and consultation skills with sales targets. 

Training for B2B sales professionals can also train sales professionals to formulate presentations that are hard for the target to resist.  Strong sales relationships that are given winning sales presentations will keep your business winning a healthy sales revenue. 

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Tim Williams founded Deakon Pty Ltd. in 2004 to provide professional Sales Training, Sales Courses, Sales Programs, Sales Training Courses & Sales Recruitment Services in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.

His background encompasses 17 years of Technical Sales roles in the IT & T + Automation industries having been a Business Development Manager for Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies, Trend Micro and Schneider.

Tim is as a leader in the sales training industry in Australia.

I will be giving an Internet Marketing Optimization training class at The McConnell Technology Center on April 16-17 that is open to the public for a small registration fee.  Training similar to this can cost anywhere from $1,500 – 2,999 so you can save quite a bit by attending the local course.

The class will run from 9 AM to 4 PM each day and will include lunch and multiple text books along with everything you need to get up to speed on Internet Marketing including SEO, Social Media Marketing, building a list, using auto-responders, and how to increase sales through online channels. You’ll also gain full access to my 26 week Internet Marketing Optimization Course to serve as a refresher and expand upon the material covered in the class.  Find out more about the online coaching program by visiting

Find out more by visiting

Build A … might mean Build A Sale

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen over the past decade is the desire to customize everything.  Build your own jeans, build a bear, and now, build your own Muppet. (mine is rather dashing, eh?) And yes, you can order your Muppet after you build him/her.

The buyers of today are used to being able to modify a standard offering and make it their own.

While I think it’s easier to create this "Build A" feature into production of a tangible thing…I also believe that those of us in the services industry need to be mindful of this trend as well.

What could you allow your clients to customize?

  • Build a payment schedule?
  • Build a custom training/learning experience?
  • Build a marketing plan?

It seems to me that the trend is here to stay.  As the buyer gets younger, the demand for customization will be greater.  What could you offer today (or soon) to jump on this trend?

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And the winner is . . .

Actually, that’s poor grammar.  There will be three winners for the REMO Training package for replying with their thoughts and opinions on what would make the training most beneficial.

Phil Bordeaux wins one copy for his response AND stepping up to the plate first.  It’s never easy to be the first one to speak up so I appreciate Phil’s willingness to put himself out there.  See, it pays to act quickly.  🙂

John Mazzara will be another other winner for outlining a complete package offering. His suggestion of including audio is something that didn’t receive as much consideration as it should have so I’ll work on including audio with the training package. It’s an option that may appeal to enough people to warrant the effort and extra expense.

Earlier in the year, Tego Venturi won a copy of “The SEO Bible” on one of our sister sites.  While he’s already received a copy of the eBook associated with that training (his site has soared in the rankings ever since), the video production was halted on that project in order to focus on real estate first.  That’s my mistake so he’ll receive a copy of the REMO training for being so patient. He’s in real estate so this offering is likely more relevant anyway.

Congratulations to all of the winners.  I’ll be contacting you this week to iron out the details.  I just may award another winner if someone steps up and suggests something worthwhile so don’t stop commenting or making suggestions.  🙂

Selling Fear & Entitlement To The Culture Of ME

With CNN in the background I hear an "expert" explain that Wall Street is based on "fear and greed. And fear is a much more powerful driver for investors."

What does this have to do with real estate?

Its about confidence.

Mommy Congress and Daddy Bush have asked Granddad Paulson to give the markets a "loan".   Seems we all overspent a little too much over the past few years and need some help to get by."Rock a bye Baby, it will be OK".

Its also an election year. I ran scared when I heard one candidate say in an interview he has  "a little something for everybody". But this bailout package eclipses any "giving" our candidates could ever promise.

So it is a confidence issue. Confidence game as in con job. We all know granddads loans are really gifts in the real world. With low interest and no due date.

However Government money comes from two places. Taxes or they just PRINT MORE.

So my point is to not think that our parents in DC are going to help. As I implied in a recent post. Prospecting and selling will take care of you and yours.

The reporters are all whining this is the biggest meltdown ever. On the same broadcast I heard at least a couple misrepresentations of the AIG bailout. Puleeze. Aren’t you tired of people explaining this thing after just learning the meaning of LIBOR a few days ago?

They will overhype. However, they also over hyped the run up. Good for goose I guess. But, it is time to take matters into your own hands.

Online we can cause geometric attitudinal change. This blog alone is syndicated all over the place. What are you doing online?  Are you making good things happen in your market? Isn’t it time?

Financing ran the last market. What about now?It is is still about financing. The agents who know financing will not only survive they will position themselves to dominate their markets as this thing turns the right way. Pre-1980 agents had to do all kinds of creative deals. Pull out those old sales training manuals.

Assumptions, carry backs, wrap arounds. Get comfortable with these ideas as it may be your way to transact as banks freeze your deals. Oh by the way, when you are the only one who knows how to get a house financed, the "will you cut your commission?" question quite insulting.

The only ones that will create real confidence in the real estate market is YOU.

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