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SMB Consulting: Change of Focus Imminent

During my solo afternoon bike ride before the rain hit, I was doing some thinking about the core competencies of my firm and what I could boil it down to in the simplest of terms. After some internal back and forth, I came up with “lead generation” is what everything falls back to. Search optimization is beneficial only when it generates more qualified leads. Same with advertising and marketing efforts–quality lead generation is the ultimate goal when a company engages in those activities. So that got me to thinking about some of the services we currently offer that don’t relate to that core of lead generation.

Technology consulting doesn’t really fit into the “new” mission of the business. Neither does strategic planning although there are strategic elements involved when trying to generate leads through marketing or advertising so it’s more of a complimentary aspect than part of the core. Same goes for business planning–it’s not critical to the core of lead generation although marketing planning is so I foresee a shift in approach coming there. Web design/redesign, however, is a precursor to lead generation because the web is a critical tool to utilize when trying to attract potential customers and generate leads so that is something to be more focal for us moving forward.

What all is really involved in lead generation?
Website Design/Re-Design
Copywriting (falls under website design & SEO if you break it down)
Marketing (SEO falls under marketing if you really break it down)
Sales Training/Development

I’m sure I’m leaving some things out, but that’s a pretty good core list of services which doesn’t look all that related to the initial core list of services I envisioned when starting the firm two years ago. For some strange reason, I feel a sense of clarity after mulling through that during my ride today. I feel like the sense of purpose has now been defined and all future activities will have a greater meaning. Straying will be much more difficult, and it will be easier to make decisions about whether to take on a certain client, form a joint venture, partner, or offer another service.

In watching the first couple of DVDs of Mike Filsaime’s The 7 Figure Code, it talks about the “hedgehog concept” that is broached in Jim Collins’ bestselling Good to Great classic. I’ve read Good to Great, but I hadn’t revisited it in, well, two years so I was happy to have that topic come up again. My first “to do” after watching the first couple of DVDs was to figure out what I think this firm can become truly great at doing, and lead generation consulting is what I kept coming back to. Every business transaction starts with some sort of lead, and leads will never go out of “style” so this newly redefined mission could fuel the company for decades.

Moving forward, look for a shift in focus and offerings from our firm along with content that directly relates to the newly found focus.

What do you think of this approach? Good, bad, or indifferent–let me hear from you. I value all of the feedback I receive.

PS–So far, The 7 Figure Code has already stoked my internal coals to rethink everything from a more simplified place so it has proven invaluable after just 2 DVDs (16 total). If the next 14 provide as much thought provoking material, unbelievably great things are going to happen! I’ll post a more complete review of the package once I dig deeper into it–it just arrived yesterday (Thursday, 7/26/07).

SEO Teleseminar Series

Just a quick note to let you know I’m in the process of developing a weekly one hour SEO teleseminar series with some of the industry heavyweights that should begin sometime in August. Stay tuned for the lineup and sign-up information. This promises to be a doozy! If you are one of the lucky ones to get signed up and attend the entire series, the knowledge you’ll gain will be tremendous and extremely profitable. I hope to “see” you on the calls as they progress.

If there are burning SEO questions you’d like answered, please submit them below in the comments section. We’ll be sure to address them pronto!

More to come . . .

PS–I’m also working on some SEO training videos to compliment the book used in the recent training seminars. These will eventually be available for purchase on a site yet to be determined. If you’d be interested in becoming a beta tester for the videos, let me know in the comments section below.

2nd SEO Class

Just a quick reminder note that SMB Consulting will be providing the second Search Engine Optimization training class this coming Thursday, June 14, 2007 from 9 AM until 4:30 PM at the McConnell Technology Training Center off Industry Blvd. here in Louisville. It’s the same material as the first class so it’s not too late to learn SEO from the ground up. The class is very hands on, too.

If you’re interested in attending the class, there are a few spots still available. Please e-mail for more details or to sign up. Registration is $650 for the first person and $450 for each additional person you bring which includes all training materials and lunch. All you have to do is show up on time–we’ve got you covered with pens, highlighters, computer lab, and a customized textbook.

Hopefully, we’ll see you in class this week or in one of our upcoming out of town sessions. The next sessions will take place in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville, and possibly St. Louis so if you live in one of those locales, shoot us an e-mail so we can begin to iron out the details for the classes.

For more information on SEO or the training material, you can visit the SEO section of our main website at

SEO Class Recap

On Thursday, SMB Consulting hosted a SEO Training Seminar/Bootcamp at the McConnell Technology Training Center off of Industry Blvd. here in Louisville. We had six attendees that seemed to really enjoy the class especially the hands on nature of it. Analyzing keywords seemed to generate the biggest “ah-ha” type of moments, and spying on competitors provided some eye opening information that is sure to help with the optimization efforts moving forward for everyone. One area that didn’t seem to matter as much is the history of search engines (beginning of the class) so less time will be spent on that as things progress.

One thing I personally learned is to combine the workbook with the textbook I generated for the class. I apologize to those that attended this particular class for the confusion the two books seemed to cause. I thought it might be better to have a separate workbook in order to go back and perform some of the tasks without having to weed through a larger book, but I was wrong and the updated book has the contents of both. The new book has been e-mailed out to everyone in the class so please contact me if you did not receive one.

We’re having another SEO Class on June 14, 2007 at the same location (visit for more information and a map) from 9 AM to around 4 PM. There are a few spots open if you (or someone you know) might be interested in attending. Get more information about the class by visiting the SEO training section of our website ( We’re also planning SEO Training in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville, and St. Louis should you live in one of those locales and have an interest in learning how to optimize your website for the search engines.

Link Building Step 2

Step 2: Searching for Quality

When looking for quality link partners, it’s often best to broadly search the blogosphere in order to return the greatest number of sites. Unlike traditional searches where it’s most desirable to weed out as many sites as possible, the opposite is true when link building. For the purposes of this training, we’re going to focus on the broad term “real estate” since many of our clients tend to be in this field.

Simply enter the term “real estate” in the search bar at the top (as highlighted above) and click on search.

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