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Hey Everyone,

Well, I am snowed in down at my lakehouse in Branson, we are getting absolutely pummeled with snow right now, not even sure how much longer I will have an Internet Connection. Anyway, just a few minutes ago, I came across a perfect example of using your list of customers to generate business and even a better example of what I like to call “current event” marketing.

I get asked all the time how often should you e-mail your list of customers. The answer to this is as often as you have something seriously relevant to say and no less than once a month

I want to illustrate a perfect example of contacting your list with relevant information, although it isn’t real estate specific, it is a perfect example. So, I am sitting here snowed in thinking there is no way I am getting out of the house today, but I am getting hungry and there is nothing to eat.

All of the sudden I get an e-mail from a local Pizza place here in Branson called Luigi’s. Now, without commenting further I am just going to post it below and let you guys comment on it:


Hey friends!

Just wanted to let you know that even in the snow, we’re still delivering.
If you don’t want to leave the house, let us bring you lunch!

Also, four quick updates:

1. WE WON!!!
Luigi’s Pizza Kitchen was voted BEST PIZZA IN BRANSON & NIXA
by 417 Magazine’s 2008 Reader’s Poll! Thanks to everyone who voted!
Not only do we have the best pizza, but we also have the BEST CUSTOMERS!

We’re glad to see so many of our loyal customers taking advantage of this!
Visit our website for more details:

Spice-up your Super Bowl Party with some Luigi’s Pizza!
All day, Sunday, Feb. 3rd, get Large (14”) 2-Topping pizzas for $9.99 each, no limit!

$5 Thin-Crust Pepperoni Pizzas…every Monday in Jan. & Feb.!
Plus, this week, after 4pm, get FREE FOUNTAIN DRINKS when you dine-in!

For locations, menu and more, visit us online at

LPK, Hwy 248 in Branson: 339-4544
LPK, Hwy 165 in Branson: 334-3344
LPK, Main Street Plaza in Nixa: 725-3336

-Mandy Jordan
Director of Marketing
Luigi’s Pizza Kitchen
417/294-2642 cell

****So what did you learn from this everyone? I want to hear your comments as I sit here watching the snow come down and enjoy my piping hot Luigi’s pizza, even though I am supposed to be on a diet!

Length: 36:22


I just completed the keyword research training module for the real estate marketing optimization training product I’m producing.  There are a few finishing touches to add, but it’s already 1 hour and 50 minutes long.  I have held nothing back in the keyword module as it is the cornerstone to an effective optimization campaign.

If you haven’t commented to win a free copy of this training, I highly encourage you to do so.  Somebody is going to gain access to some powerful knowledge, and it could be you!  🙂

Personalization Precept Update #2

I have more or less finished the core of the Personalization Precept report and have begun to outline the campaign sequences for it.  The official release date is still Friday, August 8, 2008, and I believe this will be a report that direct response marketers are going to want to get their hands on to better understand the current market and the metrics driving it.

Some statistics on the report:

  • 40 pages long
  • 5.3 MB
  • 13 graphs
  • 7 case studies
  • 4 quotations from real world field marketing experts
  • Lots of statistical analysis

My hope is that you’ll take the time to register for this free resource right now by visiting  Again, you won’t begin to receive correspondence from me until Friday, but things will begin in earnest then.

I look forward to your feedback and learning about your business as things progress.

Personalization Precept Update

I’m about 85% done with the Personalization Precept Report and plan to have it ready for release (along with the follow up campaign) by Friday (August 8, 2008).  If you’re wondering what benefits you’ll receive by registering to receive this free report, here’s a quick rundown of a few things:

  • Reduce costs on future direct marketing campaigns by knowing which methodologies generate the highest response rates based on the initiative. (pages 7-10)
  • Improve open rates by learning which days are the most popular for opening e-mail. (page13)
  • Understand when to use a prospect or house list most effectively. (pages 14-15)
  • Increase revenue through personalization techniques designed to break through the clutter and get your message noticed. (page 22)
  • Boost direct mail response rates by as much as 1000% through this technique. (page 25)
  • Review 7 case studies of companies achieving tremendous results with personalized direct response marketing. (page 27)

I am getting ready to send pre-release copies out of the report to get some feedback before releasing it to the public.  If you’d like to get in on the report before it’s officially released, follow me on Twitter (, and I’ll post a link to the report later this evening or sometime tomorrow to check out what’s been done thus far.  It’s a jam packed report with statistics, case studies, and examples of successful personalized direct response marketing campaigns.

"Personalization Precept" Report

The past few days, I have been working around the clock on a report that I believe will be well received by the marketing community.  I hope to have it completed by the close of business this Friday, and I will be sending out advanced copies to those folks in my “following” to gain valuable feedback before releasing it to the public.

The report focuses on direct response marketing and personalization.  It encompasses e-mail, direct mail, personalized URLs (PURLs). and special offers.  It is extremely heavy on statistics, graphs, and charts, but it’s not a statistical encyclopedia or anything. I’m 26 pages in, and it’s all “meat.”  No fluff or hype!

I’m hopeful that you’ll help me spread the word about the report once it’s released to the public, but I wanted to update the blog as to my whereabouts lately because some have jiggled my e-mail inbox wondering what’s up.

Oh, I have also cooked up a website specifically for the report at  If you visit there and register, please know that nothing will happen until the report is finalized.  You’ll be entered into the database so you’ll be one of the few to receive an advanced copy of the report before it is released to the public.

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