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InfusionSoft Upgrade Sneak Peek

Today, I was privy to a sneak peek at the new interface for InfusionSoft that is due to be released very soon (likely in August).  From what I saw during the webinar, I am very impressed.

For starters, they’ve really ramped up the response time within the application so that screens refresh very quickly, and data is served much faster which will make the application much easier to use. They’ve also updated the color schemes, icons, and navigation to be much more intuitive which will also improve the overall experience with the application.  Some terminology changes are coming in the next release, but they shouldn’t be anything to alarm anyone, and they all make logical sense so Infusion is obviously listening to the ICC community in addition to the user base to improve their product line.

I’m excited and look forward to utilizing the new application once it’s released. If you should have any InfusionSoft questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them.  If I can’t answer the question myself, I’ll track down someone who can.  Please feel free to e-mail me at roger.bauer [at] smbconsultinginc dot com.

Cincinnati Social Media Breakfast Review

This morning (April 29, 2008), I (Roger) attended a social media breakfast in Cincinnati at the Holiday Inn in Newport that was “headlined” or “emceed” (whatever term you’d prefer to toss in here works for me) by Albert Maruggi. One of the primary reasons I decided to attend was that I’ve listened to Albert’s podcast, The Marketing Edge, for quite some time and have enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s always nice to meet the human behind all of it in person versus text in an e-mail, blog posting, or Twitter exchange. Additionally, there are a few people that I’ve interacted with on-line that I thought would be nice to meet in person so this was a great opportunity to do that although early mornings are extremely rough on me and always have been.

Early morning whining aside, here’s a rundown from my perspective of the event:

Attendees in Cincinnati:

The group that made it out for the event wasn’t large in numbers, but it was obvious that there were a lot of talented folks that had opinions about social media and its place within business. WIth apologies ahead of time to anyone I neglect to mention, here is a list of people in attendance along with links to their business , primary content outlet (such as a blog or podcast site) or Twitter profile (in case you wish to follow them).

Twitter Implications for Business

The conversation began with Jason Falls sharing his experience about Twittering about Robby Gordon for Jim Beam for the Baja 1000 and how this took Jim Beam to a new level of marketing and created a unique following. Other drivers’ crews got wind of what Jason was doing and sent him updates to Twitter about them as well. This spurred on further conversation about Twitter and how it can be used for business in addition to getting to know someone better.

The recent earthquake in the Ohio Valley that shook Louisville and the Ohio Valley a bit was discussed. It was mostly agreed that all of the information the media, local and national, was begging for was readily available on Twitter if anyone elected to look there, but they seemed to request information and personal stories through more traditional mechanisms such as the telephone and e-mail. Jason estimated that it took something like 37 minutes from the time he first noticed something on Twitter about the earthquake to when a media outlet reported something.

Albert offered up the Next Newsroom initiative and how that may impact journalism as we know it today which sparked a good portion of our friendly debates this morning.

Citizen Journalism – The Future?

There was a lengthier debate about citizen journalism and how that can be effectively managed and embraced by traditional media. The suggestion was made that print media HAS to get their story right the first time whereas on-line media (blogs in particular) can go back and edit their story should there be inaccuracies. In print, this can be very damaging so traditional media errs heavily on the side of caution and verifiable sources before running with a story. Things will likely remain this way for print because of the ramifications of erroneous reporting.

It was also suggested that it’s nearly impossible for traditional media to open up the publication gates to allow herds of citizen journalists into the fray because the average reader won’t automatically get the fact that it’s not a trained writer and that the facts may not be 100% verified versus someone expressing their thoughts and opinions like they can with blogs and social media.

Albert stated that the Next Newsroom Project is offering training for citizen journalists so that they are more responsible with their reporting and can become a valued resource to the community they aim to serve. Something to keep an eye on.

Some random thoughts and out-takes:

  • Newsvine is good at weeding out quality content
  • Digg is not so good for community based stuff yet is good for articles and content discovery
  • was mentioned as a local (Cincinnati) resource that is similar to Digg
  • Albert mentioned how StumbleUpon is driving a lot of traffic to his sites while others mentioned how Twitter is doing the same for theirs (personal note: I’ve seen about 1/4 of our recent referral traffic from Twitter to Zing’s main site)
  • keeps track of the history of sites and its content
  • Think about how you’re going to brand yourself before you enter into the social media sphere; if you’re to use your full name, consider the implications down the road should you wish to “re-invent” yourself–that history isn’t going to disappear quickly
  • Any site based on an algorithm can be gamed because it generally takes just one element of the algorithm to exploit it; once that element is figured out, the game is on!

Overall, this was a top notch meeting and a lot of healthy debate took place. I’m glad I made the trek and met more interesting people that I can socialize with on and off-line. I am looking forward to interacting more with those in attendance this morning and learning various perspectives on social media as they pertain to business. Thanks to all of you!

If you were in attendance, what was your take? Did I miss something major? Did I spell your name wrong? 😉 Please let me hear from you.

SEO Pricing Comparison Guide Update

The SEO Pricing Comparison Guide produced yesterday has already been updated as there has been quite a bit of demand for it already.  The guide now reviews pricing for 50 of the top SEO firms across the globe and has pointers for selecting an SEO partner along with an explanation of the typical pricing models SEO firms utilize.

Hopefully it becomes a highly referred to resource.  If I can answer any of your questions, please visit our contact page and shoot me an e-mail.  I’d put my e-mail address on here, but spammers have been blowing me up.  😉   Or better yet, register to receive your copy of the guide and send me some feedback on it.

New Nike Commercial: Part II

In follow up to the last post about the new Nike commercial with the guy in the wheelchair (Matt Scott), we thought we’d start a contest.

What is the lamest excuse you’ve heard for NOT doing something? It can be business or personal. Post your entry as a comment to this post, and check back frequently for updates. This isn’t a sophisticated contest with a bunch of rules, but there will definitely be a winner. 🙂

We’re giving away a 2 GB Silver iPod Nano (2nd Generation) to the most original excuse. We’ll let this run for a couple of weeks so everyone can submit their excuse then compile a list of “finalists” for everyone to vote for their favorite. The original poster will win the iPod. Easy enough?

Good luck winning the iPod!

Video Coming Soon

Hey Everyone–just a quick update on things going on at this end. The radio contract is signed, sealed, and delivered so that will officially begin Thursday, October 4, 2007 at 2 PM ET (11 AM PT) on’s Business Channel. Eight guests have confirmed already for the show, and it should be a power packed marketing hour. In fact, the name we’ve been kicking around is: “The Bauer Pauer Hauer.” Let me know your thoughts on that especially if you have a better idea for a name although that one is kind of catchy.

I plan to add video to the mix rather shortly as I just purchased the first video camera for the firm last week and have been working on getting more comfortable in front of the lens. Needless to say the first few cracks at video leave a lot to be desired so I’m hopeful that when something gets published online, it’s at worst decent. I see tremendous value in online video and believe that is a prime way to differentiate one’s self from the competition, and that is the direction everything is headed. I can envision a day where the leading businesses have their own little production studio complete with a daily show. While that won’t happen tomorrow, it’s not as far off as it once was for certain.

Production is slated to get underway this week on the SEO Videos to accompany the SEO training manual (Cost Effective SEO: Better Attract Your Target Audience via Online Search). The videos will follow the general layout of the book but will give several examples for each exercise much like we do in the training seminars. It’s truly a hands-on endeavor so please take a peek at the samples once we prop them up online by the end of the month.

These are exciting times around the SMB complex, and I hope to return to article writing, press releases, and updating the blog a little more frequently once things calm just a bit. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to knock everything out at this point, but everything will settle in time.

Thanks for sticking with us through this time, and please feel free to share any feedback or suggestions you may have.

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