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Content Promotion Strategy

See the light, be the lightHere’s a content promotion strategy that is used by some of the top internet marketers although they don’t talk about it all that much (probably because they don’t want everyone using it).  😉

Guide as much traffic as possible to the content sharing sites that link to your lead generation site first and foremost.  Then have your lead generation pieces (downloadable reports, how-to videos, free trials, etc.) somehow link to your money site instead of linking straight to it from all possible sources. Complicated? It can be, but it can generate huge results if done properly.

A little more on this strategy: build the value of the content sharing sites, and their value will trickle down to your lead generation site which will then promote the site you’re ultimately hoping to generate revenue from. Sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but it works because people are naturally curious and will take that extra step if they find your content valuable and interesting.

Think about it this way–if someone views one of your videos that promotes a free report on your lead generation site, and that person finally lands on your money site (after you’ve collected a lead and gotten some marketing materials in front of), they’re likely pretty interested at that point, right?

Furthermore, if you write a quality article or create a video about a topic within your chosen niche, link to that article or video from the social bookmarking sites (or better yet, have someone else do it for you) instead of linking directly to your lead generation content or your main site.

Many people make the mistake of driving ALL links to their main site (I did this for too a LONG time until I learned this lesson). If you learn how to leverage the content sharing and social bookmarking sites properly, you can ultimately generate a ton of very qualified traffic to your “money” site while limiting its exposure in the process.

Hopefully this all makes sense, but feel free to comment below if you’d like me to dig deeper.

10 Transcription Services to Consider

Since everyone has their preferred communication method, a handy list of transcription services may help those that prefer to create audio or video records of their thoughts, musings, and knowledge to be transcribed into textual media.  Here is a list of transcription services you may wish to consider if you’re not interested in becoming the next Mavis Beacon. – reasonable rates and a solid reputation place this firm at the top of the list.

GMR Transcription claims to offer:

  • Accurately processed transcripts for both medical and non-medical dictations
  • Expert, prompt, courteous and flexible service to meet your specific business needs
  • Expeditious and courteous communication
  • Maintenance of confidentiality for all transcriptions
  • Affordable pricing

Production Transcripts – not the most affordable of the bunch, but they offer fast turnaround times and two types of transcription services.

Franklin Square – their website isn’t the greatest, but they have a very good reputation and seemingly charge reasonable fees for their services. Their specialty is interviews, and they have a “per line” pricing option that can save you money compared to those that charge by the minute.

Absolute Docs – a transcription company that has been around for 15 years and promises to deliver high quality services.  No pricing was available on their website when I last visited, but there is a pricing request mechanism provided.

NYC Transcription – Impressive client list leads me to believe these guys must be all right.  Free pricing quote available but no pricing visible on the website from everything I could tell.

WeType4U – affordable transcriptionist that promises fast turnaround depending upon the type of job you’re looking to knock out.

Casting Words – very affordable services depending upon your turnaround time needs.  Worth looking into if you’re not in a hurry to get your transcription back tomorrow or the next day.

iDictate – “Your pocket secretary” offers transcriptions from BlackBerries and pocket devices with no monthly fees or obligations.

Fantastic Transcripts – offers $150 service for audio hour for a draft transcription and $195 for proofread transcription.  Offers Spanish transcription services at a premium price.

There you have a quick rundown of 10 Transcription Services to consider for your next job or if you’re not as good at typing as you are dictating into a recorder or creating a video.  Re-purposing and repackaging content is a great way to increase your online “footprint” and attract more of your target audience.

FREE SEO Training!

Free SEO trainingAs you may already know, I’m in the midst of producing a marketing optimization home study training package for the real estate industry. The material applies to any industry, but real estate is featured more prominently throughout. I’ve reached a bit of a sticking point and could really use your help.

The videos and accompanying book, workbooks, and future live teleseminars will focus on search engine optimization and social media “optimization” (not sure that’s the proper term but oh well). With that in mind, what would you MOST like to learn about in relation to SEO and how to leverage social media for your business? Post your thoughts below this entry in the comments section.

The winner will receive a free copy of my training to download in advance of its public release. You’ll also receive the physical version at no charge once it is shipping.

Collectively, this training costs $1,594 when I teach it live ($797 for SEO and $797 for Social Media) so I believe this “contest” offers quite a bit of potential value. The home study version won’t cost $1,594, but I haven’t settled on an initial price yet.  I do know the price will be going up substantially three days after the initial launch so it’ll save you quite a bit of money to get in on it early. If you have an opinion on how much you’d be willing to pay for this type of training, feel free to include that in your comment(s) although it’ll have no bearing on the outcome of “contest.”

Oh, judging is based on my opinion of how difficult or “ground breaking” the suggestion happens to be. 😉 That means there is no right or wrong answer.

Thanks in advance for your response(s).


PS–If you’re not in real estate, that’s all right–you’re eligible, too.

Today, I have created a video that speaks directly to the real estate industry as I am in the middle of a large prospecting campaign which targets real estate professionals.  Even if you are not in the real estate profession, this video may help you carve out a nice little niche within your market.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="500" height="334" allowfullscreen="true" /]

If the above embedded video doesn’t show, click the link below (wow, that rhymed!):

Real Estate Niche Research

If you haven’t received an email from me about downloading your own FREE copy of “The State of Online Search for Real Estate,” please head on over to and register now.

Let me know what you’re thinking after you’ve finished watching the video. Read the rest of this entry

Stomping the Search Engines 2: Package Arrives!

I recently emailed and blogged about “Stomping the Search Engines 2” from StomperNet, and I wanted to follow up with a quick video about it. I finally received my copy!!! 🙂 Anyway, here’s my first take on the package.

Have you registered for yours yet? If not, click the link below:
Register for Stomping the Search Engines 2 and The Net Effect

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