On Tuesday, July 14, 2008 the Social Media Club of Louisville met at the Water Tower on Zorn Avenue.  The meeting was well attended and a welcome change of scenery from some of the louder atmospheres of the early days.

A very interesting presentation was given by Jake McKee, formerly of Lego.  Much of what Jake discussed centered around his days at Lego, but the lessons to be learned spread much further than one job or experience.

Listening to the customer, no matter how young or old, seemed to be a theme that permeated through Jake’s presentation, and it’s a lesson that a lot of companies struggle with especially when they embark on a social media initiative that aims to involve the customer in a greater role.  A lot can be learned from tapping into social circles and simply paying attention, but a lot of companies take the stance of “we’ve been doing it this way for years so why should we change now?”  It sounded to me like there was a little of that at Lego, but they figured it out rather quickly which is a testament to Jake and his persistence.

Overall, it was a fun event (as all SMC Louisville events tend to be), and I look forward to the next one. I took a lot of notes, but I’m having trouble finding them at the moment.  I’ll have to come back and edit the post once I rediscover them.

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