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Article Marketing Made through Manual Submission is The Most Effective Article Marketing Strategy

Article Marketing Made through Manual Submission is the most popular method among many experienced article marketers. Of course, I don’t say that they never use massive article marketing service, but I mean they mostly prefer manual article submission. I’ve always thought about the main reason why many internet marketing gurus consider this the most effective article marketing strategy. Now in this article, I’ll share my research results.

Article Marketing Made through Manual SubmissionWhy Is It The Most Effective Article Marketing Strategy? 

Here are top 2 Reasons:

 1.    Manual Article Distribution is More Reliable. 

I think the first important reason is that such kind of article submission is more reliable. Why? – Because when you submit each and every article manually, you choose only a few directories and after submission you ensure article is already online.  

But could you do this with massive distribution with software? Then you would have to visit each and every article directory from those 100 or more sites and check if your article is live. This would tire you fast and a few days later you would certainly quit doing this routine.

 2.    Manual Article Distribution is More Productive  

Why? – Because you choose only the best (do-follow, highest pr) sites for manual submission to get maximum results for minimum efforts. Therefore finally you get more productive results.

I think for these top 2 reasons some internet marketers often use manual submission for the most effective article marketing. 


Article marketing made through manual article submission is more time-saving, more productive and more reliable. This is like to working according to 80/20 principle.

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Amway Business- Marketing Amway Business Growth Strategies

Before I get into marketing strategies for growing your amway business, I’d like to focus more on what the true definition of marketing really is. Marketing is a profession, just like any other profession which takes education and training. Unfortunately it’s not a profession taught in school. It’s something that you must learn on your own due to trial and error alone with persistence. The advantage or marketing compared to other professions is that it can be applied to any profession in the world. For example, If a dentist doesn’t know how to market his profession, he’s going to fail and his business will not succeed.

I have chosen to write this article about marketing and using the amway business as an example because amway is one of the most successful network marketing companies in the word and have been around longer than almost everyone else. They have a wide variety of high quality products to choose from and they even use television commercials now to get their brand known. The strategies and techniques that I’ll be referring to for growing your amway business can actually be applied to any MLM or home based business. In fact, what I’ll be discussing is the secret to what makes so many people successful.

The first thing that you’re going to need is a system. The reason a system is unavoidable when growing your amway business is because amway is a network marketing company which means in order for you to make lots of money, everyone else under you must be successful as well. Using a tried and tested system is replicable and simple. The second key ingredient you must have when growing your business is leads. If you don’t have leads and prospects to talk to, everything else you do won’t matter. In order for your system to work you must understand the full benefit as well as the pros and cons of using a script. Once you understand the advantages and disadvantages you’ll clearly see that the success of your amway business will depend on using scripts.

Your marketing system can be broken down in 4 simple steps.

A Prospecting scrpt
A Recorded Presentation Call
A Closing Script
A system for training others.

You will memorize and read your script to every prospect (lead) that you call. Next, for the ones that show interest, you will send them to a recorded presentation call that promotes your amway business opportunity that you created using a script. For the ones that are still interested after the presentation call is done, you will finalize the enrollment process by reading your closing script.
In order to get a fully detailed understand about how to and the free resources for create your system for your amway business, simply read my free report which is located at Thanks for reading my article.

Jawaune Saad is a home based business consultant livint and Tampa, Fl and has helped thousands of people achieve their business dreams. To learn more about his training visit you can contact Jawaune saad at or by phone at 813-315-6575

Article Marketing Strategies: Reveal Top 3 Article Promotion Tips To Make 0 A Day

Do you want to make 0 a day from free traffic? Then read this article to reveal top 3 article marketing strategies many gurus use on a daily basis.

Article Marketing Strategies:  Top 3 Article Promotion Tips To Make Minimum 0 A Day:

1.   Intrigue your readers.

Intrigue your readers by giving really valuable information in your content.  Nthis way, soon you will gain an expert status in their eyes and they will be ready to buy what you recommend for solving their problems.

Try to write your articles in Q&A, How To or tips style. Rememebr people mostly like and read such content.

2.   Don’t lose your time on massive article submission.

It is enough to publish your content on top 3-5 article directories every day. As for massive article distribution, either you can outsource this part of the job or can use article submission software to save maximum time and energy.

Here the more important moment is daily submission without any delay.

3.   Publish your content in popular ezines.

Contact gurus and offer writing exclusive content for their ezine provided by your author box is added to each article. Monthly Publishing in such ezine can earn you thousands of visitors in a day or two. And this means you can become rich in a shorter time. This really works especially when you write and publish articles promoting affiliate products. 


These article marketing strategies require a lot of hard work. But it is worth that when you imagine for minute that you will be earning 0 a day after a while.

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Article Marketing Strategies: Discover Top 7 Article Promotion Tips To Make Minimum 0 A Day

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Social media panel for B2B marketing

Social media panel for B2B marketing

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of MathMarketing, writes…

The Mecca for social media in B2B marketing is at DemandCon on May 19th. If you’ve ever thought to yourself – ‘how does social media work in B2B marketing’ – but never quite received all the answers you needed, then I would pay close attention to what happens at the ‘Intra Funnel – Social Media Panel’ presentation on day 2 of DemandCon. So why do I believe this presentation to be so significant for B2B marketing professionals?

For starters, the panel will be moderated by Kristie Wells, Founder and President Social Media Club. Experienced at “bridging the gap between technology and people”, Kristie will bring a wealth of knowledge learnt in sales, marketing, customer support, community management and leadership roles. And she is president and co-founder of Social Media Club to boot – an organisation that is stomping grounds for the world’s largest community of social media professionals. And then there’s the panel itself…

Panellist number 1:

Chris Kovac, Director of Operations & Social Influence for Nicholson Kovac. Chris runs “strategically grounded interactive marketing services for Kovac. He is also co-founder of its Digital Services department, and leads their Social (Media) Influence. Before this he worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies (3M HealthCare Pfizer,, to name a few), and spent time developing interactive marketing services for different marketing agencies.

Panellist number 2:

Heather Rubesch, partner, Savvvy B2B Marketing Blog. Heather founded the blog in 2009 with five others, and they key focus is to provide “inspirational ideas and practical strategies to solve their everyday business challenges.” She brings 15 years of experience in B2B marketing and sales to the table.

Panellist number 3:

Mike O’Neil, Author & CEO, Integrated Alliances. As a pioneer in social media, Mike is now ‘the’ LinkedIn trainer and social media speaker, ranking #26 globally on LinkedIn since joining as a user in 2004. To be sure, Mike’s connections, followers and friends are definitely nothing to be sneezed at, and his bio reads that he gives a ‘rock and roll’ style of presentation.

I eagerly await this session. And I’m sure other B2B marketing professionals looking to ramp up their social media tactics will benefit from what this awesome-foursome will deliver. And in our Funnel Plan Training Workshop, Chuck Besondy and I will aim to unlock the potential of tactics derived from this session.

In our B2B Marketing Training Workshop on day 3 of DemandCon, we will lead you through the process of building an end-to-end sales and marketing plan that helps you select tactics for every stage in the buyer’s journey, and to task each tactic with a clear and measurable role.

MathMarketing is a sales and b2b marketing consultancy that has served many leading and aspiring companies in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe. MathMarketing’s proven B2B sales and marketing methodology, Funnel Logic, has underpinned the plans, and skills, of some of the world’s largest and most-recognized organizations. We also help smaller, aspiring businesses to grow.

The Top Seven Proven Small Business Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business

Copyright (c) 2008 Paul Flood Marketing, LLC

These Powerful Small Business Marketing Tips Are Guaranteed to Dramatically Increase Your Sales!

If you are like many entrepreneurs, you are looking for small business marketing tips that not only work, but work consistently. If you’re ready to take the your small business to the next level, you need to look at marketing differently.

This may seem obvious but, over 97% of the time, your small business marketing should have one of two goals: 1. Result in a sale. 2. Result in a lead or prospect.

The other 3% of the cases include your community service marketing like memberships in Rotary, Kiwanis and organizations to which you belong.

Marketing Shouldn’t be a Mystery!

Small business owners often see marketing as a mystery and don’t know what works for their business. Not knowing what to do leads to either copying competitor’s poor marketing or their falling prey to media and agency reps who often know less about marketing than them! The reps are taught to tell you, the small business owner, the goal of your marketing is to build your brand.

The ground is littered with failed small businesses who fell for this brand-building fallacy. Don’t misunderstand me here. I strongly believe in advertising as a pillar of your marketing system but you must view all your marketing as an investment, not as a trial to see what works if people know your name.

Another Small Business Marketing Tip:

Look at advertising as you would a sales ep. Would you hire a sales rep to build your brand and “get your name out there?” If they never close and sale and you’re losing money, do you keep them on board? Of course not! You don’t keep them around longer or pay them more money. You make a change.

Do you see the analogy? Your sales people and advertising are both marketing investments. Why continue advertising that doesn’t generate profits?

Remember that everything in your business is part of your marketing. You either move clients and prospects towards or away from a buying decision. When you look at everything you do as part of your marketing investment, you begin to consider how to leverage it in every possible way to increase profits.

7 Powerful Small Business Marketing Strategies That Will Grow YOUR Business!

1. Develop a powerful (USP) that gives prospects a compelling reason to buy from you now. Your USP must scream a powerful reason to do business with you. It motivates your clients to send friends in droves to buy your product or service! This small business marketing tip has built small companies into empires! Remember the little pizza company that guaranteed fresh hot pizza in 30 minutes or less – Or it’s free?

Make an outrageous and exciting claim that shows that you are better than anybody else and the best thing for a prospect can do is buy from you now!

2. Learn selling and customer service skills. Advertising legend Clyde Bedell taught us “That all good selling is service.” Service and sales go tightly together. When you cross-sell, you provide a tremendous service. You save clients the time and aggravation of having to search elsewhere to complete the purchase.

Marketing legend Dan Kennedy sums up this concept beautifully by saying “People are walking around holding an umbilical cord and saying, “Tell me what to do.” Your clients and prospects need and value your recommendations and will follow them so make a habit of providing them!

3. Capture client and prospect information and create a database. Take a moment to ask yourself the last time a retailer or restaurant asked you name or asked you to return. In general, it is NEVER! Your business will be one of less than 5% of companies that make any effort to build a powerful bond with your clients.

4. Use your database to keep in touch. Send thank you notes. (Super car salesman Joe Girardi is in the Guinness book of records for selling more cars than anybody. His secret? he kept in touch with tens of thousands of clients using thank you notes and greeting cards.Give them a reason to return by sending special discount coupons, invitations to “Platinum Client Days”.” Always thank them for their past business and give them a special offer as a reason to return and always have a deadline for your offer. 5. Start a newsletter, which is THE most powerful small business marketing tip to build a fence around your clients. The added advantage is that you are marketing to those most likely to buy – Current and past clients!

6. Create a referral and reward program. Unfortunately, most people are afraid to ask for referrals even thought clients are happy to give them. The easiest strategy is to simply ask for them and reward people who send you new clients. It can be as simple as giving coded coupons to a client in your store. For each one that is redeemed, the referring client gets a gift. Many professionals are a lot more strategic and have arrange special meetings with their clients for the sole purpose of getting high quality referrals. If you are living up to your USP, clients will gladly refer others! You must realize that if you are providing quality products and services, it is your right to ask for referrals.

7. The final small business marketing tip is so powerful that you must insure you have the capacity to handle the additional business! Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances leverage the goodwill and relationships other businesses have built with their clients.

Identify non-competing businesses that serve a client base similar to yours. Approach the owner and propose a joint venture or strategic alliance in which you are going to endorse their business to your list and vise-versa. As mentioned earlier, consumers are constantly asking “Who should I buy this product or service from?’

This powerful small business marketing tool leverages the trust you and your alliance partner(s) have built with their clients and, when properly structured between two good companies with quality products and services, is as close to a guaranteed success as you will ever get.

See the powerful online marketing strategy detailing the powerful Hidden Marketing Assets system and see how you can see exponential increases in your profits without risking a thin dime on advertising. Rush over to

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