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InfusionSoft Upgrade Sneak Peek

Today, I was privy to a sneak peek at the new interface for InfusionSoft that is due to be released very soon (likely in August).  From what I saw during the webinar, I am very impressed.

For starters, they’ve really ramped up the response time within the application so that screens refresh very quickly, and data is served much faster which will make the application much easier to use. They’ve also updated the color schemes, icons, and navigation to be much more intuitive which will also improve the overall experience with the application.  Some terminology changes are coming in the next release, but they shouldn’t be anything to alarm anyone, and they all make logical sense so Infusion is obviously listening to the ICC community in addition to the user base to improve their product line.

I’m excited and look forward to utilizing the new application once it’s released. If you should have any InfusionSoft questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them.  If I can’t answer the question myself, I’ll track down someone who can.  Please feel free to e-mail me at roger.bauer [at] smbconsultinginc dot com.

In our ongoing video series that highlights increasing sales for a fictitious technology company, I review the stakeholder meetings in this installment.

Brief Recap

As I hope you remember, this is a $62.5 million technology company that has experienced a few bumps in the road toward their goal of becoming a $100 million company so we’re setting out to help them get back on the growth track. A lot of the pains uncovered in this fictitious example are not uncommon for businesses in any sector so I hope you’ll take a look at this video in addition to the others produced thus far. Below today’s video are links to the others just in case you wish to review and/or catch up. Enjoy!

Previous Videos in this Series

5 Ways Enterprises Can Increase Sales

Keys to Success in Growing Technology Sector Sales

Hourglass Precept: 3 Ways to Increase Sales

On April 2, 2008, Zing Sales Solutions gave a presentation to a small group of business executives here in Louisville, KY. You can read about the “Zing Insights Presentation” by clicking on the link. I have attempted to recreate that presentation for you below in video format. Please check it out.

Once you’ve viewed the video, what are your initial thoughts? Did the video inspire you to look at your current selling methodologies? Are you selling into the customer buying cycle today? Let us hear from you by sharing your feedback below.

If you watched our introductory overview video in which we introduced a fictitious technology company and a project to increase sales for their organization, the following video provides an overview for the next step in our endeavor–outlining keys to success.

In our next video, we’ll discuss the conversations with key stakeholders and the impact each may have on our project.

What are your thoughts on this project? Are you noticing any familiar circumstances? What are you or your business doing to increase sales? Let us hear from you.

Twitter Growing Pains?

One of my current favorite social media sites is Twitter although I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t get the service at all when I first attempted to utilize it. That quickly changed once I established some contacts and began “tweeting” back and forth with very interesting people.

Lately, it appears that Twitter is experiencing some serious growing pains (see image below). This could be due to the fact that Twitter traffic has significantly increased, and I’m sure they’re trying to add resources on the fly to accommodate the newfound popularity.

Twitter Pains

I’m not going to bash the service since it’s a personal favorite, but the frequent disruptions of late are frustrating to say the least.

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