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Louisville Social Media Club Meeting 4 Review

Due to some personal family issues and scheduling conflicts, I was not able to attend the Louisville Social Media Club event last night which really is a bummer for me because I enjoy sharing the experiences at these events. Due to that, I can’t provide a similar review to last time or the time before that. Based on what I have read from Jason Falls, the meeting was very similar in nature to the breakfast I attended in Cincinnati.  There were even some visitors from out of town which is very encouraging because it means we’re expanding our reach to those that are genuinely interested in what’s going on in social media and Louisville in particular. Barring unforeseen events, I fully intend to attend and participate in the next gathering here in town.

Educate Others

The key takeaway that Jason mentions in his review of the meeting last evening is social media education, and that is a worthy endeavor that I support completely.  There are a lot of social media “phobes” out there that either fear social media because they believe it’s just “kids’ play” or they simply don’t understand how to leverage social media from a business perspective.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentioned social media as a potential marketing vehicle to decision makers and the response is something along the lines of “social media can’t provide any ROI” or “isn’t it a bunch of 20 somethings on there wasting time talking about nonsense?”  That would be “wrong answer” and “narrow minded view” on those two statements, but I digress.

Doing Our Part?

On the Zing blog, there several educational videos to introduce people to sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and there are plans to provide several more videos like this.  There is also a video entitled “10 Ways to Increase Revenue through Social Media” that may pique your interest if you’re interested in learning more about social media and how it fits into the business marketing landscape. If you have a social media site you’d like to learn how to leverage better for your business, drop me a line at roger [at] zing-solutions dot com.

Anyone Wish to Join the Cause?

Furthermore, I would enjoy working with others to provide resources such as videos and overview tutorials so if you’re in the Louisville area and want to collaborate on a few things, please get a hold of me. If you don’t live in Louisville yet want to contribute to educating others on social media, I would be happy to work with you, too.  I’m equal opportunity although I would prefer to work with someone local for the sake of speed and ongoing development.

5 Ways Enterprises can Increase Sales

In the video below, I outline a fictitious technology company that generated $62.5 million in 2007. The company is experiencing some growth pains however, and I have outlined five potential solutions to help them address their revenue growth obstacles. Take a peek at the video then share your comments below. Does the video hit home for you? Are you experiencing anything similar with your firm?

Talk to me, talk to me . . .

Since Zing Sales Solutions is an Infusion Certified Consultant Partner, providing an overview video from a client perspective may benefit those of you that are evaluating Infusion or researching various automated marketing software platforms.

Below is a 15 minute (or so) video that shows how we utilize Infusion for a couple of our campaigns. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Expanding Your Twitter Universe Part 2

Since I’ve been on a Twitter kick of late, I figured it might be a fun exercise to expand upon the previous Twitter video with another one that shows four free websites you can use to increase your own Twitter universe with people that share your interests or have something in common with you.

As always, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Corporate Offices: Do They Matter?

Earlier today, I got into a mild debate about the phone number displayed in one of my recent videos. The number is to my home that doubles as my current office. To me, it’s not a big deal, but the suggestion was made that it might be frowned upon by the companies we are targeting as potential clients. I didn’t give it much thought, but maybe there’s something to it that I’m completely missing.


Some may be swayed to believe we’re not a legitimate entity because we’re not housed in a big square building, but I would argue that knowledge is knowledge, and talent is talent so what difference does it make if someone calls me at a home/office or a corporate like structure? Does it really matter anymore if someone with knowledge, talent, and ability calls their office “home” or if it’s a true office structure?

Spanx Started as a Home Grown Business

Furthermore, do the women who buy Spanx get offended when they learn Sarah Blakely started out in her apartment and worked for two years from there before hitting the big-time? Her firm now generates over $150 million in revenue. (NOTE: if you click on the link in Sarah’s name you’ll be taken to a video where she mentions Oprah coming to visit her in Atlanta and wanting to film her in her “corporate office” which happened to be her apartment at the time.)

What’s Your Opinion?

If it were your business, would you care if an outsider you were about to hire to help grow your business worked out of their home, or does it mean something to you that they have an office structure that serves as headquarters? Let me hear your thoughts either way as I’d like to learn what decision makers think about this topic.

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